1st grow ever..White widow autoflower..how's it looking to you?

Hey !
I Was looking for some feedback from likeminded growers please. This is my 1st ever grow, using 60x60x120 indoor grow box (which has turned out to be too small even just for this 1 plant) White Widow seed from ILGM planted straight into 5 gallon pot, used bio-bizz light mix soil/perilite, water ph 6.3, seed germinated after 4 days, been using biogrow/bloom fertiliser, tomorrow start of week 7… is now 34" tall, 27" wide - (seems quite big ??) Fan been blowing at top of plant to reduce heat/keep air flowing. Using 250W CFL…started with cool white blue for veg stage, just changed to red 300W CFL for flowering stage (don’t know if the change of light was necessary??)
Looks like Buds forming nicely. Lost a few yellowing leaves at bottom of plant in last week, no real issues to contend with so far


Looks yummy to me :grinning:
The common belief is blue/white spectrum for veg and red spectrum for flower so I’d say your doing it right. Either way no harm done.

How old is she?

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Great, thanks for the feedback !
Day 42. :smiley: Looking forward to seeing how she progresses in the next few weeks, will post more when near to harvest, fingers crossed…:wink:

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