1st grow! Ethos genetics

Hello all! Growing has been something I’ve wanted to do for the past 4 years and 2 months ago I started to finally acquire the pieces necessary!

Tent- Mars hydro 2x4 71 in height
Light- Mars hydro sp3000 led
Exhaust- AC infinity t6
Intake- passive for now (have ac inifinity T4 for veg and flower)
Ph pen- blue labs
Ppm- vivosun
Water- tap at 150ppm phed to 6.5
Soil- coco perlite mix at 70/30 ratio
Nutrients- dr earths organic 4-4-4 and 3-9-2
Genetics- 2 ethos end game punch line and 2 ethos planet of the :grapes:

I popped my seeds on April 8th and had a 100 percent germination rate. I have my light hung at 2 feet above the plants at 30 percent power. My temps have been staying 74-78 degrees with about 50 percent RH. So far I’ve only been watering when the top soil is dry and it’s been on cruise control ever since then. I am amazed at how fast these plants grow! Would love any advice and suggestions.

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Welcome and congratulations. What brand of coco are you using? It looks nice in that I can see some fibers. I am just learning coco myself so not much I can add. Your plants look good so keep doing what you are doing.

I am using mother earths coco!

6.5 is the ph for soil in coco you are basically hydro and ph should be between 5.8-6.2 but your setup looks very nice gl. And happy growing

Sorry forgot to add worm castings! And I’m following Mr. Canucks PH recommendations as this is the same medium he uses!

There are many ways to grow I would be cautious because unless he is your neighbor and use the same water same environment the results will vary I would add a microbial like recharge or tribus to help extend the ph range I’ve seen a couple of new growers copy him and then ask what went wrong if your ph swings up like mine after watering your asking for trouble I can tell you do research just look up nutrients intake ph range in a canibuis plant good luck

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Keep doing what ur doing, it looks great. Welcome, sounds to me like u gots it going on. Wouldn’t change anything, yet…:+1::+1::alien:

Hey guys was going to bed tonight buttoning up the tent and noticed my plants have white marks on them (when watering I have sprayed leaves one spray) and then watered the rest to the soil. I have great airflow in my tent and my RH has always been 40-60 percent. I don’t know if it’s possible the white part is just dried water and the left over is the minerals from the tap water or if it’s the dreaded white powdery mildew… on close inspection I’m not seeing any physical build up, just as if someone took ash and wiped it on the leaf.

Plants seem to be off to a good start. Coco is hydroponics and yours looks a bit dry to me . . . it’s been my experience that that particular medium is best when kept wet. I grow in coco and fertigate 2-3 times a day . . . if I could set up an automated system I would up it to 4-5 feedings a day.

Thank you for the heads up! I used 25 percent worm castings per gallon of medium in this coco mix for microbres. I will start watering a little heavier.

Hey guys! Checking back in, what a crazy few weeks this has been. Finding the time between med school, work, and my new hobby has me exhausted. But I still find the time to spend Atleast 30 mins each day checking in on my plants. Little update since I last checked in. The planet of the grapes has really taken off in comparison to the end game punch line. Really excited to see the growth comparisons in the end. I would say at this point the POG is about 25 percent bigger. Still have been watering dechlorinated tap water @ 6.5 ph, and have been keeping my coco moist. The temps are 74-78 degrees with 45-55 percent RH. This Thursday I will be transplanting into 1.5 gallon pots, stay tuned!


Hey guys went to transplant today and noticed the curling inward of the leaves on all plants. Water PH has been 6.5 with 147 ppm tap. Any insight to this?


Hey guys quick update! Number one thing a new grower does is either underwater or overwater. In my case I was under watering. Today I transplanted the girls from their nursery pots to their 1.5 gallon veg pots. I used a 70/30 cocoperlite mix with 25 percent worm castings for microbial contents. For my nutrients I used dr earths 4-4-4 all purpose @ 3 tablespoons per gallon. I used my pointer and middle finger to grasp the bottom of the plant at the level of the soil and then slightly worked my hand on the sides of the cup squeezing to loosen. I then turned the cup upside down and each plant slid right out. I used a nursery pot as a guide when filling up my 1.5 gallon pots to create a perfect sized hole for the plant. I then sprinkled great white microraize in the hole for the roots to form a simbiotic relationship which greatly helps with the stress from transplanting. I then made sure to heavily water with tap water 147 ppm at a ph of 6.1. I watered until slight run off. @Hellraiser

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