1st Grow Diagnosis This...HELP

Granddaddy Purp week 3 veg almost 4. Using fox farm nutrients and water schedule, light 18hrs on 6 off. Temp 73. Just started noticing these spots on the lower growth of the plant. Any ideas as to what it could be? Cal/Mag…Potassium? Im lost on what to do. The third picture is the top down view.

Make sure your ph is correct first and foremost because if it is out of proper range you get a nutrient lockout which means the plant can’t absorb the nutrients it needs even if they are there for it to take.

As for what is it I cant help. Hopefully someone chimes in that knows or you can find it in that link.
Be sure to click on the different deficiencies it shows and it details them more.


Can you fill out a support ticket?

Answer as best as you can.

Soil in pots, Hydro, def etc?
PH of soil
Ph of water
Water type
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix?
Light system, size?

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If your sure you didn’t accidentally splash some nutes on it and it hasn’t touched the media your growing in , my guess is your having a Mag deficiency. Foliar feed with Epsom salt
And as always a support ticket will get you the best answers .

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She looks overwatered. How often are you watering?

This appears to be variegation which is genetic and not cause for concern but the rest of the plant twisting and dropping is looking like she’s drowning.

I only water as needed ( finger in soil if wet/damp no water, if dry then i water) and the drooping your seeing is from the grow bucket its currently in. Its in a cramped spot but once i get this tent back up that issue should correct itself.

I would like to see support ticket too, if you don’t mind.