1st grow by Sydious! 😊

same here, works very well


Hey y’all… I have a question, which is probably elementary to everyone but me… and for that I apologize.
So… say I mix 5 gallons of nutes and additives. This will last me through 2 feedings (on one particular, problem-child, plant)…However… after 2 feedings, I still have nearly a gallon remaining. Is it safe to add 4 gallons of water to the mix, add nutes and additives according to a ‘4 gallon’ dose, and expect that , to reasonably be , the same as ’ I just mixed 5 gallons’?

I would not do that. I would move the premixed leftover to a pitcher or another bucket, make your new 4 gallon mix and then combine them together.


I thank you for the advice… and this is what I’ll do… but could you please explain the difference?
I don’t mind if you explain, like I’m in second grade. I really want to understand. :blush:

Hey y’all! Just got 1 of my 3 pants from recent harvest to hold a steady rh of 61%… so decided to weigh her and ended up 106.21 grams!:blush:


Nice!! Almost a QP!!
All from 1 tiny seed fed a constant supply of blood, sweat and tears!! :rofl:

Gotta top yourself next grow!!

Good Job brother!!!


Thanks man! I know it’s not much but I’m excited. I’ll weigh the other 2 in 2 or 3 days probably… they are even smaller, but I believe will be better quality… my 4 th plant is still in the tent, taking her own sweet time! :roll_eyes:


Absolutely nothing better than homegrown smoke!!


Sigh… good morning everyone… is this ‘pre-flower’ on these 3 baby plants already. Or, am I just overworring?

If so… what should I change in thier feeding cycle, comparative to thier sisters, the same age still in veg? Should I start giving them week 1 of flower feeding schedule?

I believe that they are full on beginning to flower, and I’d recommend starting flowering nutrients.

Happy growing!

I was afraid of that… they are barely as big as a volleyball…:roll_eyes:
Yet another reason I won’t grow autos after these.
Thanks for the reply…
Oh… another question concerning that. They have only been in these 1 gal fabric pots for 10 days. Should I transplant up again already, or, since they are bound to be small plants anyway, should I just let them be , in these pots for life?

Hmmmm… I’m frankly not sure if the bigger pots would out-weigh the stress of transplanting or not. I guess it depends on if they have enough established roots to hold everything together during the transplant.

Probably not yet… they had an extraordinary root system when I went from solo to 1 gallon pots… but that was only 10 days ago.

That’s the problem (as I see it) with autos. You’re on their schedule, instead of the other way around.

That’s what I’m understanding now. When I first started a few months back, I bought an auto flower pack 3x 10 seeds each. Without understanding the limitations they would impose, I thought they would be easier to grow.
But I’ll grow out what I have then switch to photos…
I’m really looking forward to growing Skywalker OG, Northern Lights, and Blue Dream…:blush:
Lol… but maybe my eyes are getting bigger than our tent!

That seems to be the way they market them. And you absolutely can get great results with autos. With perfect conditions and experience. Check out what @OldGypsy was able to do with an auto:

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I’ll read it. Thanks.

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Good morning y’all… here’s an update with the final weigh in from 3 girl scout cookie extremes…(my gorilla glue is still being hard headed and hasn’t even been chopped yet🙄)

GSCE #1, Savanah Smiles 106.18 grams
GSCE #2 Do-Si-Do 73.51 grams (she was my smallest but had the most dense buds and best smell)
GSCE #3 Samoa 86.01 grams.

Total 265.7 grams…:blush:


Outstanding!!! :star_struck: Good work & enjoy the bounty of the harvest! :drooling_face:

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Thanks… im happy and have learned a ton this first go around. I’ll do better with my current grow, and will keep y’all posted. :blush:
Stay up!