1st grow by Sydious! 😊

Absolutely, same to you as well.

I’m running 3 girl scout cookie extremes (auto flower) and 1 girls glue (auto) from ILGM for my first run. And just started 6 more gorilla glue.

Sorry… tried to add a quote from your question . Looks like I just copied and pasted…

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Im guessing the glue’s came out thicker. And one or two of the gscx’s were a tad denser?

Like I said, it can be a few diff things all effecting little
Bits at different times. Maximizing every little bit is important. Especially growing autos.

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That’s what I’m understanding. After I finish growing the autos I already purchased, I’ll grow photos. Being new I thought it would be easier to grow autos but am now learning that its notably restrictive.

The gorilla glue still has several (3 or 4) weeks to go. Its my 3 GSCE that are giving me the larfy buds. 1 is a little more dense than her sisters though.

I downloaded photone. Now I need to learn what I’m looking at/for…

Thanks for help. Hope you have a pleasant rest of your Holiday.

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Doing it wrong.

Should be this order:

  1. Silica
  2. Calmag
  3. Nutes
  4. ph adjust
  5. Fishsh!t / Recharge

Perfect. That’s what I needed to know. Thanks so much for your help @Hellraiser


Good evening everyone! So … yesterday I trimmed the plant i had hanging to dry…I think however I dried too long. I have all the buds in 2x 32oz main jars curring.i had to add a damp paper towel in each to try and bring the RH up. Hopefully that helps.
I also tried to make some temple hash but couldn’t get it ‘gooey’. It stayed really crumbly but I still saved all the’crumbly’ kief to add to future bowls!:blush:

2 more plants are hanging and drying as we speak!
Stay up! :relaxed:


Alright y’all! Check it out! My 2 hanging plans have been trimmed and jarred! 1 the RH was way too high so I dumped the jars out on a plate to help them dry some more.
The jars with the damp paper towels are doing better.

Hopefully my current grow will produce more/ denser buds, but it’s a real blast anyway!
Thanks everyone for your help thus far.
Be cool! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice buds, congrats on the harvest!

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Thanks brother… im having issues controlling humidity in the jars though… I’ll get it though. :blush:

just remember to burp the jars once a day minimum so you don’t get mold, especially if you’re RH is on the higher side.

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I am burping, and the jars that are below 62% i placed damp paper towels in, to help bring RH up. When the hydrometer reads around 62%, i should stop burping… correct?

Nope gotta keep burping throughout curing from what I understand. I didn’t use jars much as I went with Grove Bags, which you don’t need to burp.

I burp for 2-3 weeks once in jars, once they get to 62Rh then it’s just a quick burp so as not to bring the RH down much more but still want to let the curing gases out and get some fresh air in there.


Okay… then, if I do go below 62, then just add a damp paper towel for a few hrs?


Personal choice as I don’t mind a bit under 62RH, even 58-60 is fine, but would not let it go under 58RH.

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Great! Thanks a ton for the reply. I don’t want to make it this far a mess up now…

I cut a couple of fans from what I have growing and put them in the jar if it dips too low.
I try to keep it in the family! LOL!


That’s a great idea! I actually read that in one of hellraiser’s journals. I bet that helps maintain flavors too? I don’t know. But thanks for the tip! :blush:
Y’all be cool!