1st grow by Sydious! 😊

So… it appears I still have good new growth, but the affected leaves are still getting worse…? This is my first grow, so I don’t know how to read these girls or respond yet.
These pictures are from a few hours ago.

I’m thinking about doing a heavy flush with Sledgehammer, then re-feeding. Does that sound logical?

At this stage, there really is no new growth… there is bud development. But neglible foliage growth.

It looks alot less like nitrogen is the shortage and a lot more like PK boosting time. Might just be too much Nitrogen and locking others out. A flush maybe the best course of actuon then go ahead immediately after with a 3/4 feed no extras. And try to walk her to the finish line.

Honestly she could just be finishing and not gaf about anything u do… i hate finicky plants lol. Kinda let them do as the please and chop whenever.


Okay, I’ll do that when I get home from work, flush then feed. Thanks for the input.
Stay up! :blush:

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Chopped down my first plant today, she had 15ish% amber tricomes. The buds are really larfy and I don’t know how to avoid that. But here is picture of them hanging to start the slow dry.


Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!
As I said in my previous post, I harvested my first plant. The buds are all larfy (really airy interior as opposed to dense. That’s what I’m assuming is meant by “larfy”). I should be chopping my next 2 in a few days. I’m basing this on the amber tricomes(around 15% ish). However they are really airy as well.
My question is … what did I do wrong or how to avoid this in the future?
Also… part way through this grow i started using Fox Farm Dirty Dozen and that’s when I started having issues. I don’t think I’ll use that anymore. I still have some of that “Blue Planet” trio I was using before, and everything was going pretty smooth. I also have jacks 3/2/1. I think I will use up my remaining Blue Planet nutes then switch to Jacks. Is there any issue with switching nutrient lines mid grow?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and I hope you and your families have a Happy holiday.


@Hellraiser @PurpNGold74 @Tylersays @Newt @TheVirginian @Jungle
If any of you, that’s provided help for me, thus far, could please help me with this “avoiding larf” issue and my queries concerning switching nutes mid grow… I would greatly appreciate it.
Also… although I’ve been using "recharge " once a week. I also bought “fish!t” and I’m unclear on how to mix it with other nutes.
Currently… I mix in this order
2)nute product (according to mfg recommendations)
3)cal mag

I mix recharge separately and add after feeding.

When should I add (or what point in my order should I mix fish!t)?

I hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving!
Thanks in advance for your replies and help.
Stay up!:blush:


I’ve been liking on your posts but staying quiet hoping some more seasoned veteran growers might help with that. I don’t have a “good” or “great” answer for you on that one Sydious, honestly. ALL of my outdoor bud was airy like that, and my INDOOR stuff is dense as a kong toy, lol. And supposedly my lights are crap, so…don’t have a good answer as this is MY first grow also and i’m learning a LOT about “what’s what” and what DOES what. I realize what this year’s weather pattern/available sunlight was, won’t necessarily be what next year’s is, and so on and so on. I know controlling the enviro INSIDE, gave me DENSE and at least 3x the size nugs, even with “$#!+” lights :slight_smile: I will be doing my “prize” genetics indoors with some more experiments outdoors next season with a couple prize genetic clones. Hoping more chime in for you with good/better advice and i’ll be reading along also, absorbing :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure I can help with the nute change, but as I understand it, the best way to get dense nugs, is copious amounts of light. (DLI around 50-55 in first 5-6 weeks of flower)

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@TheVirginian thanks for reply… good luck with your experiments and happy growing :blush:.
Also… happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and crew!
My frustration is (not to be misinterpreted… I’m having a great time growing this stuff that family, society, culture, government, school systems ect… told me was bad/ evil as a teenager) that I don’t yet know how to look at my plants and think “oh I need to back off … such and such, or she needs more, whatever”…
Like you said… I don’t know what does what yet…


Thanks @Newt … yet another thing I don’t understand though. I don’t have a DLI meter yet (will invest as soon as I can ) nor do I actually know what that means🤪 lol

I’ve read all of hellraisers journals (that I know of) but that part was difficult for me to follow.

I mostly try to follow the wattage…

Thanks for the reply. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew. :blush:

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Do you have a smart phone? Photone is the app I use.


Oh wow… yes I have an Android. Is this accurate?

Put a piece of copy paper over it and yes…pretty accurate

Yup, pretty accurate. It’s not as accurate as an Apogee meter, but works well. And the Android doesn’t even need a diffuser like my iPhone does. Use the “Sun” setting.


I have an iPhone lol figured it needed one

Derr… I thought that was a link to an app… but thanks I read that when I wake up to go to work… thanks again. Im going to bed now (I’m working night shift at the moment 6p-6a)

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Yes. The iPhone uses the front camera as the light sensor, so it needs the diffuser. Androids have a separate light sensor and camera, so no diffuser required.

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Light intensity.

Environmentals (temps / humidity)

Nutrients (timing and amount)

And just fine tuning it all to work together is the key. Ever bump in the road in flower is less time the buds are maximizing their potential. As @TheVirginian said, the indoor factors (total control and getting to ‘play god’) normally means a superior product nowadays. But you have to tune things to your grow.

Mixing never seems to effect my plants negatively, but ive never used the trio nor the dozen…. Go from organic to organic lol. But Jacks seems to have alot of fans around here and Ive seen the baseball bats it can put out. FF just causes more questions then anything else around. Not saying it doesnt work, but it has a large window for error…

If the blue planet worked smoothly, run with it. Maybe do a side by side with Jacks. (It wont be purely scientific without clones, and pretty decent setup). But itll give some data.

Also phenotype/genetics comes into play. What strains did you run?


Great explanation as usual my dude

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Thanks my guy. Happy Turkey Day