1st grow by Sydious! 😊

I use a screen sometimes in a true SCROG type grow, most times it’s just to separate and support the heavy colas from falling over.

Here’s more of a true SCROG

and just separating and supporting colas

Yeah LST is a good way to go for autos, though I know some auto growers do top or FIM as well, and start in solo cups and transplant up, defoliate even, all the things people say not to do with autos and they grow fine bud as well.


Those are beautiful brother! Thanks again for the info.
I bought a pile of Autos, because, in my limited knowledge , it appeared they would be easier to grow… now it seems they come with multiple limitations and difficulties. I’ll grow what I have out, and hopefully , by then, have more of a basic knowledge, and try photos… I believe my set up is more than big enough to spread out and SCROG and utilize more space.

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Looking good @Sydious!!
As the side shoots grow out force and tie them where you want to go and spread them out more like in @Hellraiser 2nd pic. Helps a lot with air flow in and around the plant and helps surround the budsites with as much light as they can get. They say autos stay compact but i have people use the scrog nets for support like above. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now with my two photos in the tent. Next run I plan on doing the traditional scrog like in the first pic, but I’m gonna do a single plant and just veg a week or two longer to fill up the space then flip at about 80% covered.
Hopefully I’ll get enough weight from the outside girls to help carry me through the experiments I want to do inside.
Yeah, you have plenty of room for a scrog in your tent!



Looks good, I typically don’t do alot of LST myself. Just personal preference.

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Hi y’all. I know i haven’t posted in some time. I’ve been reading every day, mostly @Hellraiser gg grow. Just finished that earlier today. Thanks a lot for the wealth of information. Most every question I came up with so far was answered there.
First I have some updated pics then a few questions

These are my 3 girl scout cookie extremes. They are pretty small plants, I’m sure I stunted them but they seem ty o be coming along nice.

This is a close up of 1 of the tops.
I thought I was using FF TRIO till about 2 weeks ago and realized what I though I ordered was something else all together.
I have no idea how I ended up with this. I bought the FF DIRTY DOZEN and will finish this grow with it and probably the next as well. I also bought Jacks 321 but wasn’t too read through your jacks-coco journal first.
I think I have about 3 weeks left on my current grow.

I hope everyone and your families are doing well. Stay up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking good, almost time to start water only for 2 weeks.

All the buds are still really airy…:roll_eyes:

Took some pictures of tricomes this morning and saw my first few ambers

I don’t know if that is such a good thing though… my bud clusters aren’t dense at all. Any suggestions of how to thicken them up with such a short time to finish?

Looks like you saw them on the sugar leaves, check the trichomes on the bud meat as the leaves will amber quicker than bud meat.

Airtight… llI check that out in the morning when I get home from work…

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@Highwayman420 @Hellraiser I need some help please. This morning when I got home from work, I noticed several fan leaves on one of my girls looked really ‘rusty’… all the affected leaves were on or near the top of caolas.
I’m using FF Dirty Dozen nutes, and was just finishing week 10 of the schedule. Since it was time for a flush , according to the schedule, I flushed with Sledgehammer to heavy run off and then fed week 11 nutes.
Here are some pictures

This girl is only in a 4 gallon fabric pot, using FFOF , and under a Spider Farmer SF4000 about 18" away.
Any advice or help would be much appreciated. I think I’m only 2-3 weeks from harvest and don’t want to loose these girls now.

Looks like a Potassium deficiency, but I could be way off. When you use sledgehammer, it strips all the nutrients out of the soil, maybe she’s just hangry at ya. If it were me and had 3 weeks left, I’d feed it bloom appropriate nutrients for a week. I am not at all familiar with FF nutrients sorry. Then after the week begin water only for the final 2 weeks.

I used Sledgehammer, to flush , after I saw the rusty look. And did feed (according to FF schedule) after I flushed @Highwayman420

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The older already affected leaves aren’t going to look normal again.
What you want to look for is any new leaf growth she puts out.
If I had ones that were really damaged I’d snip them off the plant.

You’re on the right track with what you did, in my opinion. I’m using FF nutes and I had to do a flush last week because they were looking so good I figured I didn’t need it by the schedule. THAT - was a mistake. Within a day or two after the flush they were looking much better and I started seeing fresh green poking out of the buds. I held off on my feeding, which I debated a long time on and should have at lest given a half dose immediately afterwards. Since they did get the feeding I’m getting beautiful fresh waves of brilliant white pistils. And after I defoliated and removed all the damaged, deficient leaves, I’m seeing ample green emerging.

I feel like I might have set myself back a week or two but that’s cool. I’m patient.

Hope everything works out for you man!!


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Awesome @Tylersays … thanks a lot for the feedback. When I get home, ill cut the ratty looking leaves off and wait to see if the feeding after flushing this morning helped.

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@Tylersays @Highwayman420 @Hellraiser
Good morning everyone. I just got home from work and trimmed any affect spots on that plant (and 2 others. It turns out my other 2 girl scouts had minor issues as well)
How do they look now? Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

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Its not letting me post pictures at the moment… I’ll try again later…

Not really much else to do right now, just watch and wait to see how she responds to feeding.


Yeah time to see if the flush and feed helped, if so then will not see it spread to other leaves.

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I was gonna post before and afters of mine last night and no go, and still no go this morning, but I see others are able to post pics?
What the hell?