1st grow by Sydious! 😊

@Hellraiser hey bud! I was told you know stuff and could help my project with my daughter! :blush: if like to have you along if you don’t mind.

Omgosh! Tyler! Those are monsters! Way to go! :grin:
You said you were a beginner!?:rofl:

@TheVirginian … thanks for chiming in again… I read your profile and I may be close to you… not sure. I just bought a house in Colonial Heights…


… and even properly calibrated, the pH meter won’t read correctly. I just emailed them about that meter, and they just offered a refund and no need to send it back to them.

Heres’ the long-ish story

Oh, I’m in VA too, just up '95 from you a little ways.

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Central Virginia here! LOL!
Eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge.
The Parkway is like 10 miles from here maybe…


Check out the link above


Here’s mine if you wanna follow along

used to be CLOSER to me, i’m from Hanover Co originally but live in Central VA like Tyler also now. Been up here since 95 on the James River (LOT smaller and less deadly up here, DANG good fishing!!!)

Except for the copperheads and the women!! :rofl: :joy:

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Plants look fine, maybe need a better ph meter and use ph up and down in drops (I literally keep them in dropper bottles) checking ph often after some drops are mixed in, don’t want to overshoot and then have to add the opposite ph solution, be patient and get it right the first time. With FFOF all you should be doing at this point is watering (at 6.5ph would be nice) and don’t be so concerned with runoff numbers.

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Great… thanks @Hellraiser … im getting a new Ph meter that @Tylersays recommended. That’s a little higher than I anticipated so I gotta wait till payday :roll_eyes:

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Alright y’all… got our new light. Spiderfarmer SF4000. and we hooked her up last night before the girls went to sleep. As @Hellraiser recommended, I’m only on 20% draw from the dimmer at the moment . I wasn’t sure the height i should be using above my canopies and at what stages to change the height and intensity. I tried looking on Spiderfarmer website but had no luck. Any advice on this aspect would be helpful.
Also since that light only covers half my tent (but that’s OK because I’m only growing 4 plants) I hung it in the middle and my 2 smaller lights on the sides. As you can see in the pictures.
I’m glad I read yesterday that you shouldn’t top autos because that was going to be my next step. Im assuming its still OK to LST, but I probably need to watch some how too videos first. I’ll be nervous about breaking these pretty girls.
Additionally, my new ph meter will arrive today🙂
Things are starting to seem to run a little more smoothly. I thank you all again for your help and input.
Stay up!:+1:

And this last picture is so you can see my little helper.
That’s Mrs Mia Wallace taking i sniff… I think she approves


typically 12-24" is sufficient depending on how powerful the light is.

Thanks @rookiegrower. I currently have it at 18". So I guess that’s fine. I just wish there was more detailed information somewhere… a cheat sheet if you will.
But I’m probably overthinking it…

Spider Farmer had these included in the package when I got my lights. I pretty much stuck to it as closely as possible.
I didn’t make it through veg before I got the HLG but I’ll be going back to this chart when I fire up the Spider Farmers in the smaller tent I bought where I plan on running SoG or autos.
I gradually increased the intensity as it moved along never upping it more than 5% at a time, and usually once a week. I also never hit 60% until I was in veg, where as their chart shows it at the seedling stage.
I moved it to 55% and started getting light stress and backed off to 50% for the next couple of weeks before I upped it again. At that stage of growth 2 weeks does a LOT for the plants and they were good to go at that point.
I LOVE the HLG but I really liked the SF’s too! I was quite happy with them but when the second tent came along I decided it would be better to upgrade the larger, primary space and use the SF’s in the secondary space.


Thats really helpful @Tylersays . Thanks a lot. Ours didn’t come with that, but that’s precisely the kind of "cheat sheet " I was looking for.


I should have included this too. Light Stress
It’s from the guides section of the site. If you haven’t checked out the guides DO - They’re full of information covering every topic you can think of. It doesn’t replace first hand knowledge from someone who’s been through it, but it is a nice way to get a basic understanding of a lot of things.
Here’s a link to the entire guide section. ILGM Growing Guides
Again - it doesn’t replace discussion and the knowledge gained here from others, but it’s a great quick reference and can at least point your questions in the right direction!
I find that after I read the guide then post the question it makes it easier for me to fully understand the reason and effects of what a person is saying or recommending to me.
I try to use every source of knowledge I can get my hands on!!
Knowledge truly is power!

Girls are looking good so you’re doing it right!! :+1:

edit: Mia reminds me of my Phoenix. :slightly_smiling_face:
She passed away a couple of months ago at age 14. She was a tough old girl who rescued herself from a dumpster when she willingly jumped into my car! i didn’t think she would being so young, but I guess she really liked Burger King of which she ate half my Whopper! LOL!


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Thanks @Tylersays . I didn’t even know those were there. I just read several and was enlightened on a few confusing topics🤯. I didn’t find one on LST but I’ll keep looking. I did however read about SCROG’n but I’m growing auto’s so I don’t believe that applies.
Again thanks for the info and tips.
Stay up! :upside_down_face:


Okay… so I was nervous about trying this but decided to bite the perverbial bullet… how did I do?

My first attempt at LST @Hellraiser @Tylersays @rookiegrower @TheVirginian


Looks like a fine LST, though I’m not much of a LST’er.


I started reading your GG journal but only am about 20% through… I assume you SCROG?.. but my plants are autos so I thought since I shouldn’t top, then LST was the way to go. Did I think that through properly? @Hellraiser
And thanks again for touching base👍