1st grow by Sydious! 😊

Hi y’all… good evening. I have a quick question that I’m pretty sure everyone knows the answer to but me…
In about 12 days I’m going to be trimming my 3 girl scout cookie extremes. My question is… will THC (or any cannibinoids) be absorbed through skin? I take regular urinalysis at work and can’t fail that.

Potentially, yes. But not much. Especially if you wear gloves.

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Alright thanks… I do have rubber surgical gloves… I’ll wear them when I trim. Sometimes I don’t wear them when I handle the plants, and now it’s got me nervous. :unamused:

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The thing is it would not be decarbed, so might not be absorbed in any detectable form. But gloves are a good idea when trimming anyway. All that stickiness that sticks to them can be removed and used after the gloves have been in the freezer for a while.


@Newt thanks and great info. That brings to mind something else I was wondering. What is the process for making trimmer hash into anything usable? How do I get it off my gloves, scissors, trimming bin ect into a usable form?

There are a lot of ways to accomplish that.

Put your gloves in the freezer, inside out until the stuff gets hard, and you can mostly pick it off, it may take multiple freezer cycles, because the gloves warm quickly.

Trimmings (except large fans and stems can be used a lot of ways, and depends a lot on whether you dry or wet trim. If you are dry-trimming you can get a nice haul of kief by using a two-layer trim bin.

You’ll get a lot less kief if you are wet-trimming, simply because of the moisture. But wet trimmed sugar leaves and small trimmings make great edibles, so you can save this by either drying now or freezing and drying later.

And most importantly, and many times over-looked, I recommend saving your fan and stem trimmings in the freezer to be used only in the case of an over-dry emergency. A stem or 2 and a leaf or two can rehydrate your over-dried buds.

Once you have your trimmed all saved, you have a lot of time to decide what to make with it. Check out @Caligurl’s concentrate blog here:


Thanks. That’s a really interesting read. Good information.

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I have a question a need some advice. I have 1 plant that is getting yellow leaves. I thought it was nitrogen deficiency, so after I fed her last, I have an additional dose of fox farms, grow (this part of the dirty dozen has nitrogen). But all the new growth is continuing to yellow.
What should I do?

How far into flower is said plant?

The yellowing looks like she was sucking the N from leaves as it wasnt enough in the rootzone. But the burnt tips look as tho its a toxicity. Did they appear after the feeding?

Looks like she was about to wrap it up and finish strong, then the N boost forced another round of pistils. Assuming those are fresh as well

The yellow was there before the feeding. I removed the yellow leaves, fed (fox farm dirty dozen wk 7, 3/4 dose, plus an additional 4 cups of fox farm grow big, 1/2 dose). The white pistils are not new. She still has 4 or 5 weeks to go before finishing.
The feeding was 2 days ago and yellow is new as well (since I removed yellow leaves before feeding)

Im asking if the burnt tips are new. What are u supplementing?

I used mycos when I transplanted into that bigger pot, I’ve used a few doses of Si in the last few weeks and also a dose of recharge about a week ago. And occasional cal mag.
I can’t say for sure if the burnt tips are new but I’m thinking yes.
I’ll pay closer attention when I get home from work.

Si as in Armor Si? Thats not really a nutrient though right? Thats a silica supplement. Recharge is ur mocrobe herd. Always helpful so not a nutrient. Calmag can flip ur tips if over done…

But looking back at the nutrient list u got to the end and said 4 cups of Grow Big??? Is that the dry amendment type? 4 cups of any Nutrient added to under a 5 gallon bag (really 10… 4 CUPS?!) is over kill I think…

Also dont remove yellow leaves. If you cant pull them, dont. You want to be sure the problem is fixed before feeding her somemore leaves.

Soil isnt the most immediately fixable medium. She could have just zapped more leaves before the additives were available, then the WHOLE LOTTA N burnt ur tips. Ull know in short time either way.

It was fed to a medium run off with 3/4 dose of this feed schedule on wk 7

Then in a seperated bucket I mixed this at a half dose

And gave 4 cups.
Hopefully that’s more clear. Sorry for being confusing

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That makes more sense! Gotcha. Yea I probably would have just mixed that extra into the original batch…

Do you monitor pH and ppms of solution and runoff? If so how have they been eating?

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I do not check my run off but I do ph everything I put into the plants. I’ll check ppm of that solution when I get home. It will be slightly different now though, because my current batch ,I just mixed is wk 8. So it won’t have the microbes and added beme. But should be similar ppm.

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So… it appears I still have good new growth, but the affected leaves are still getting worse…? This is my first grow, so I don’t know how to read these girls or respond yet.
These pictures are from a few hours ago.

I’m thinking about doing a heavy flush with Sledgehammer, then re-feeding. Does that sound logical?

At this stage, there really is no new growth… there is bud development. But neglible foliage growth.

It looks alot less like nitrogen is the shortage and a lot more like PK boosting time. Might just be too much Nitrogen and locking others out. A flush maybe the best course of actuon then go ahead immediately after with a 3/4 feed no extras. And try to walk her to the finish line.

Honestly she could just be finishing and not gaf about anything u do… i hate finicky plants lol. Kinda let them do as the please and chop whenever.


Okay, I’ll do that when I get home from work, flush then feed. Thanks for the input.
Stay up! :blush:

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Chopped down my first plant today, she had 15ish% amber tricomes. The buds are really larfy and I don’t know how to avoid that. But here is picture of them hanging to start the slow dry.