1st grow by Sydious! 😊

Good morning everyone. This is my first grow ever. I’m using a 4’Dx8’Lx6’6"H grow tent. So far I have a inline fan with Carbon filter, and 2 Ficida newest grow lights(although I have been informed they will be insufficient for flowing so I ordered a spider farmer 4000). I also have a small oscillating fan and small humidifier/mister.
I’m growing 3 girl scout cookie extremes and 1 gorilla glue. (I started the GG 2 weeks after the GSCE. I did that because it said GG flowers in 8 weeks, opposed to GSCE in 10 weeks) I purchased all my seeds from ILGM and so far have a 100% germination rate! Thanks y’all! :blush:
This is a project I started with my daughter and had so far been a notably fun and remarkable bonding experience. (Go figure)
However I am brand new at this so any help will be greatly appreciated!

This is Savanah Smiles and her sister Do-Si-Do!

This is Samoa on the left and the little girl on the right is Phineas Pogo(she’s my 1 GG)
This is another shot just to let you pros get a better idea of our setup.
I look forward to hearing from any of you that has advice or help.
And I how everyone has a good rest of your weekend. Stay up! :grinning:


And the coolest parent of the year award goes to…!!
Awesome way to bond with your kids!

I am not one of the experts here - by any means - but I’ll be glad to watch as you guys go along and chime in whenever my limited experience will come in handy.
The Spider Farmer is going to blow you away when you get it in there and hooked up!

You might want to consider getting another fan or two in a space that large to keep the air moving. The more the air moves the more it promotes the exchange with fresh, CO2 rich air coming in and the stale. depleted air going out through the exhaust. Not to mention the benefits to the plant. The wispy breezes are like lite strength training for the girls and definitely lay the ground work for the structure need to support them big ole buds later!!

Everything’s looking great and I’m so jel over your tent. I can only wish the woman would let me have that kind of real estate in the house!

Good Luck!! And you’ve come to the right place - the peeps here are easy going - for obvious reasons LOL - and eager to see and help you succeed!

Good Luck and Happy Growing to you, your daughter and EVERYONE!! :smiley:


Thanks tylersays! So far it’s been a fun journey… I’m still hoping for a modicum of success…
Also… thanks for the advice. I’ll look into a second fan soon.
Stay up! :blush:

Okay… so I just calibrated my PH meter and it turns out my tap water is slightly basic. I’ve been feeding these girls water with a PH of 7.15 for thier while lives. I haven’t started them on nutes yet. They are only 14 days old. Should I panic?
I have still been seeing noticeable growth in them daily.

Just adjust it accordingly after getting it all together in the future and you should be fine. That’s not that far out of range.

What soil are you using? The run off numbers will tell you what the plant is doing. And of course, the old eyeballs. :eye: :eye:

With the Happy Frog soil I’m using it sometimes looked like it was too weak for the ladies and other times overwhelming, and the run off numbers were crazy. But over time both the plants and ro have stabilized and stayed in the proper range. So a lot is dependent on the media as well, and you can raise or lower your watering Ph to raise or lower soil Ph over time, or other methods to speed up the progress, i.e. top dressing supplements, chemical supplements, etc.
I’m still learning myself. There’s a LOT to learn!!


I’m using fox farm, ocean forest. I haven’t bitten enough water to get a runoff yet(I was still under the impression they were too little) please correct me if I’m wrong.
But I’m glad you mentioned ‘topping’… this is something I’m still unclear on. How do I do it, when do I do it, why do I do it…
I was planning on starting LST soon after they get a few inches taller but I’m unclear if topping is even part of that.
So, having said that… I’ll start watering more to get a run off and get a reading from that. I have PH up and down so I’ll adjust then, according to the measurements in RO … right?
Thanks again for the attention and help

If you know any others that would be willing to chime in and help… that would be great! Thanks a lot…
And stay up! :blush::v:

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Following along for the ride also. Very cool, including your daughter and a nice way to bond and have learning experience as well. Happy Growing

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Yeah - the one is definitely to small for a full watering.
Generally at the third set of true leaves you’re considered to be in veg and out of seedling stage. At that point you can start with a full watering. You want the soil to be pretty uniformly moist, but not soggy. And you don’t want them sitting in water. Most people raise them up with like bakers racks or something to allow for good drainage and air circulation. It’s best to add he water slowly and evenly around the container as you go. Being in fabric pots will help prevent over-watering but it can still be done! LOL!

In Ocean Forest you won’t need to give nutrients for several weeks.
With Happy Frog they say about a month or so before you need them and OF is a “hotter” soil than HF.
After I went all HF I saw where a lot of people use both with HF at the top and OF in the bottom of the pot.
I’m sure, like HF, that when you start reading run off numbers you’ll find the PPMs to be off the chart! Ph might be off too, but as long as you keep watering with 6.5 you’ll be able to see the Ph stabilize and the PPM’s drop as the girls are eating the nutes in the soil.
My New York Diesel was literally screaming for food last week! I’m going into week 9 of veg and am ready to flip, but I want to get their PPMs up some before then, so hopefully just another week. After the flip they’ll hit “the stretch” and will grow a good amount in a short period of time before they start flowering in earnest.
I was actually referring to top dressing nutrients or supplements to the plant - that’s when you put whatever on top of the soil and let it work it’s way in as you water. LOL!

Topping is a whole different thing!
Most wait until the 5th or 6th node to top a plant. Basically topping is cutting the main growing stem just above an established node. It breaks the “hold” the center has on the growth pattern of the plant and forces more energy to the side shoots than when main stem is unaltered. This results in having multiple “tops” now. Lowest cost way to increase yields.
LST takes advantage of the plants flexibility and basically you’re spreading the plant out to let in more light to the side shoots and even up the canopy height. It helps to take advantage of the horizontal space available in the tent and increases yield by basically making damn near every side shoot a top!
Sadly some will have to be cut out probably to maintain proper air circulation around the plants but with a little patience and work it really makes for a better yield still.
You can actually LST without topping, same principal. If you make the main growing center no longer the “top” of the plant by bending it over and tying it down the shoots will take off and the main top will slowly bend back up to the light and continue growing. But since you broke that “hold”, there’s an actual term for it, the plant will send it’s goodness all through the plant instead of the lions share going to the main growing shoot.

These are all just basic definitions and sorry for the slow reply…real life…LOL!

Maybe @PurpNGold74 @MadamCalamity @Low will chime in and correct anything I might have gotten my wires crossed on! LOL!

I’ve done a TON of reading and watching videos on YouTube. There’s a bunch on there featuring Spider Farmer equipment, probably your specific model too and that’s always a good jumping off point to do more reading and question asking.
There’s also a great amount of info in the Guides section of the site. There’s a link at the top right of the page.

Good Luck Fam!!

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Glad to have you along Virginian and thanks again Tylersays for the info.

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Airtight… don’t know what’s going on… I just poured 2 gallons of of tap water into my watering can. Tested PH and got a reading of 8.15 (bigger than yesterday by a full point) used my PH down mix according to the instructions on the bottle and retested the solution. Now I only get a reading of 0.00… when I test other tap water though, I still get a reading. Any thoughts ? Is my meter just broken?

That is weird I don’t know what happened there.
Using ph up/down is a finesse game. I add either in small amounts and continually check between each little shot.
I’ve never had one Zero-out but I have overshot the landing by quite a bit going in both directions. It does seem that Ph down moves the needle further than the same dose of Ph up does the other way.
I had a couple of gallons i just couldn’t seem to get into range - my problem, not the waters, I’m sure.
I gave up on those few and gave them to the womans tomatoes and started over on my water. LOL!
Tomatoes are tough! LOL! And I’m not wasting it if it can be avoided.
It’s gotten easier to get in range as I’ve gotten the feel for it. And quicker!

I might have to take some time and see why it would zero out like that though.

Meters can slip out of calibration. You could try re-calibration and see if that has any effect and if you’re still getting the same numbers. But that’s new one on me.

Good Luck and Happy Growing!!

Okay… now I’m baffled… I used a little ph up (1/2 tsp) at a time and got a reading… I did that till I saw 6.2. Then watered all 3 GSCE till I got a runoff
Savanah Smiles


I can’t imagine these measurements could possibly be accurate. If I had an emulsion at 3.2PH It would be burning holes through my floor. Furthermore… PPM ranges that high and I haven’t given any nutrients yet.
They are still in thier original Fox Farm soil… I hope I didn’t screw up.

I do believe there is something wrong with my PH meter…

Thanks again for the reply
Stay up! :slightly_smiling_face:

My Aperna came with calibration solution of 7.0 and 4.0, I’d check the calibration first and then retry. They do need it every once in a while. Oh I set to watch if you don’t mind.

You’re in FF ocean floor correct. I tend to stay away from it because the soil is too hot for seedling IMO. I like Coast of Maine Stonington blend. Try and recalibrate the meter and test again. I would not water to run off yet, those are little gals and you might over water them. I like to log everything in a spiral notebook from the time they germinate until harvest. How old are your plants again?

Hi RG! Nice to meet you and thanks for your reply. My ph meter came with calibration solution of (I think) 6.8, 4.3, and 9 something… I calibrated yesterday, however there was only 1 bag of powder for each level and I don’t know another way to calibrate these things… sorry, I’m literally brand new to this.

But, to answer your questions… no. Im in FF Ocean Forest… my 3 girls turned 14 days old yesterday( and I’m basing that on when they stuck their heads out of the ground)

We have also started a log on both the grow as a whole and each individual plant…

I hope to hear from you more. We can certainly use some expert advice. Thanks for the info.

Stay up! :blush:

Ya definitely dont water till runoff. They only need like maybe a 1/4 cup and water in a circle around the plant to encourage roots to spread out and find the water.

What brand of meter did you get. I like the Aperna ones for like $50 on Amazon. They come with calibration solution of 7.0 qnd 4.0, enough to last quite awhile.

Dont be sorry. I’m only like a year in myself. Do yourself a favor and read Hellraiser’s journals. He is the man around the forum.

This is the ph meter I got on Amazon…

I think they were only around $20 total…

I will definitely look up 'hellraiser ’ if you know him; could you please request that he join this thread?

Also… thanks for the advice… im going to order that meter now.

Everyone have a good rest of your holiday… my daughter has a few friends over and I’m in charge of the grill​:unamused::rofl:
Everyone stay cool! :upside_down_face:


just type @Hellraiser and he IS now part of it, lol


That’s the meter I started with too Syd. Mine wouldn’t hold calibration for shit.
Someone suggested a new battery and it still was crap!
Luckily I had enough miles on my card to get the Apera that reads both Ph and PPM. I trust it a WHOLE lot more than the others. And it has a replaceable tip, so it’s built for the long haul.
Thank You Capitalism One! LOL! (Ima keep using that one! :rofl:)

It comes with 2 calibration solutions and storage solution but i bought a 3 point kit with solutions for like $20 on Amazon

Cooking on the grill is such a distraction now and days.
It might have something to do with these…

You can kinda see the grill back there! :joy: :rofl:

Happy Growing Everyone!!