1st grow ( Blue Dream - outdoors ) how does it look?

Hello everyone ,
1st ever grow - Blue Dream photos.
Just wondering how they’re Coming along and looking so far and welcome any input or advise .
Any recommendations for early flower ?
I flipped and transitioned to 12/12 Aug 21 ( 12 days ago )

7 gal fabric pots
Great Lakes Organic water only soil
Coast of Maine organic lobster compost top feed
Compost tea ( stump tea ) once a week
Roots organic Bloom terp tea
Grown outdoors in Metro Detroit


Beautiful girls you have there!! They look happy and healthy.

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Thank you ! I’m super nervous since it’s my first grow . I just hope they look like they should at this point in flower ! Thank you for the reply

Looking good

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She looks beautiful bro!!!

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Looking good!

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Thanks for the replies everyone , appreciate you all !

Babies look nice. Give them time and they will fluff n bulk up making you proud. Keep it going

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Thanks Tanlover ! I’m already proud of how far I’ve come also nervous and excited to see if I’ll have at least a decent harvest

how much more growing time available to you

I’d say about 8 more weeks . I just got a new Marshydro growntent ( to start indoor growing during winter ) so If i need to I can finish off in there , just trying to decide which LED I’m going to get :thinking:

the babies will plump up big time and develop a more “complex” flavor if allowed to go 4 to 8 weeks longer than when harvest is first possible. when they get thick, daily mold check is a good idea.

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Thanks Tanlover , you’re awesome ! This is my first grow , I REALLY appreciate your time !!! I’m doing all organic , I’ve heard mixed reviews about adding nuets or amendments to water only soil … anything you’d recommend adding or doing during flower to help increase yield , potency and density ?

each grow is it’s own unique “adventure”. get good seeds, good POT growing media FFhappy frog FFoceangrow are popular. lots of additives around. For bulking, flavor…FF Open Sesame n Ca Ching are productive.
DO NOT FOLLOW MFG’S FEED SCHEDULE …like it’s law. Keep in mind they want you to use as much as possible. Start low and increase % of nutes as the plants respond. btw…FFHappyFrog is pretty good for growing with just water…for two months…then it’s time to start supplement feeding.
Go cheap…get screwed.
Buy right once…cry once.

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