1st grow, bless me with your knowledge… PLEASE!

  • bag seed
    -14week old plant
    -Method: Soil
    -Vessels: 15l Pot
    Just received PH and ppm pens today,
    -PH on water going in is 7.9 (if your reading this Im in line buying ph up and ph down)
    -PPM/TDS I have not added anything to my soil, was hoping to gets some advice to get her healthy but also, ready to order from the expert opinions I receive… hopefully soon
    -Method used to measure PH and TDS (adding pics below)
    -Indoor grow, 3’x4’x8’
    -Light system KingLED 1000w full spectrum
    -Actual wattage draw NA
    -Current Light Schedule today, switched from 18/6 - 12/12
    -Temps; Day 79, Night76
    -Humidity; 50-60%
    -Ventilation system; No
    -Oscillating tower fan for circulation and control temp with nest thermostat sensor I put in the tent
    -Co2; No

Tagging a few that I see are constantly helping…

@PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @BobbyDigital

A little back story… she’s not near as big from what I’ve compared her to on here but, otherwise healthy.

Leaves have very small yellowing on tips (happened 3-4 weeks ago) but has remained the same since.

Last week went on vacation and while schmammerd I forgot to turn my irrigation off. (Smart home addict.) where I normally give about a half gallon as needed typically every few days she got schmammerd with about 2.5 gallons.

Got home and immediately ordered Ph/Ppm pens and received them moments ago. I keep 3x 1 gal jugs filled resting for 24 hrs+. The water I have been using is at 7.9 going in, as I’ve learned from this glorious forum, adding nutes will affect the ph right?

So, my question is what should I use to feed and where do I go from here?!

Accepting my role as a rookie,
Thanks in advance!!


what kind of soil

Great job so far! What you’ll want to do is water til runoff, test the runoff for tds and ph. Let us know what numbers you come up with and we can go from there. Also, your light could be upgraded. Itll do but with your obvious skills, a better light would do wonders!

And ventilation if you are concerned about smell


Headed home to get some runoff numbers!!
Arnold I’ll be back

It’s not a very good soil mix for cannabis. That may be your bottleneck. With the time release nutrients in it you may be stuck letting the soil feed it without adding anything else in. Looks like she has a little bit of a nitrogen toxicity. All in all she looks pretty good but may not be a big producer.


Putting in;
6.5 ph
This pen has 3 so I’m giving them as I see it if the lingo is wrong forgive and correct lol

Ppm500 = 280
700 = 390
Ec= 0.6

Ph=6.8 @76*f

Ppm 500= 1570
Ec= 3.2

Lost to all of this…

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Im using these bag seeds as a good first grow before I get serious with the jack herer autos from here!
For sure next grow is gonna have a better light and upgraded tent with FF soil/fertilizer. I definitely started with makeshift tent/blankets going economic on my first go at it :man_facepalming:

Looks like there is still some nutrients in the soil. Not much but enough for now.

It’s likely to stay like this each time you water. That’s when the nutrients are released. Just keep watering only until you see them dropping.

EC, 700 scale and 500 scale are all related. Think of it like Temperature, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Ec is your temperature
700 scale is Fahrenheit
500 scale is Celsius

The ppm scales are just different ways to read EC.

In this chart, EC is on the far left. 500 scale (Hanna) is next to that and 700 scale (truncheon) is on the far right. Haven’t run into any meters that run the 640 scale (middle).

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