1st grow because of being intrigued and curious

That’s easy. What kind of budget are you working with?

This is my girl i just switched into flower, this entire setup costs me $200. USD.


Really want to stay around 400-450. Prefer less but don’t we all.

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Hard to do a 4x4 well for that. But something we could probably do, is get you on a modular type of setup. Like shooting for 3 or 4 lights total but only building a couple of them now and then finishing up later.

Have you measured inside of your tent to make sure it’s full 48" or more in both directions?

Give me a sec and I will go measure!

Adding more lights later will be could also because we are building a house and I am having a room built in basement for “canned food” so to speak! :hugs:

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47x47 is the measurement

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Pretty tight for 1120mm strips. I believe best bang for your buck then would be going with hlg qb 120 or 132 boards. Two 4 packs of each on two hlg-240 drivers. That build would probably land you in $500-550 range.

Going with 560mm strips you almost need 4 fixtures to get good coverage. Because you’d be buying several smaller drivers it gets a little more expensive to do it that way. Building two bigger lights would have both fixtures right on top of each other and against the tent walls.


I am thinking this would be the best route. So where? What exactly do I need to purchase…

Oh and contrary to what some people have assumed I am a female so I will need all the help I can get to assemble it… :woman_facepalming:t3::hugs:

Really want to thank you for all the help.


What is the difference between 120 and 132 boards?

This is so confusing. Kuddos to everyone that understands this stuff.


You wouldn’t be the first female we’ve helped build a light. Kudos for not being afraid to get after it too!

Horticulture lighting group sells 4 packs of the boards. The qb 120 is couple bucks cheaper, so I would go with two 4 packs of those in 3000k or 3500k. As long as you get those boards, you’ll also want two meanwell hlg-240h-c2100a led drivers. Those will run about $60 each, can be sourced from about a dozen places. I usually check arrow electronics first as they generally have a discount code for first time buyers and ship overnight for free. But mouser, digikey, trc electronics, rapid led, and several other places sell them. Just watch getting gouged on Amazon or Ebay for them.

The rest of the stuff you can get locally and on Amazon. The biggest remaining cost will be frame materials. We usually use 1/8" wall aluminum angle to keep them light but rigid. You can substitute other stuff if you have laying around too. If you go with aluminum, something like 3/4" x 3/4" x .125" is typically what I use. Home improvement stores will sell it, but you can sometimes find quite a bit cheaper at local metal supply shop. Or if you have a grainger i think they are cheap too. You’ll probably need 18-20 feet to have a nice sturdy fixture. After that, some small nuts and bolts to assemble aluminum together and mount boards to frame. The only thing remaining would be wiring and connectors. Would you like a single power cord or two cords (one or each driver)?

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The voltage and current pretty much. They are very similar in total light output, but each requires different driver

I just order the 132’s. When I build it I will try and do a detailed and pic happy post and tag you in it if you would like. @Parents12


:flushed::scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking: I will start looking online for these items.

Thinking double cord!!! But I don’t know if that is the right one either! :joy:

Thank you… :hugs:

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3000k or 3500k
1 each?
Or both the same?

All 3000

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I have ordered the boards and such! As far as connectors, power cord, etc what will I need? Gonna try and get everything else including framing material this weekend.

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I’m closing on a house today, so not going to have a lot of free time. If I get the chance I will try to get you Amazon links.

@DoobieNoobie @Covertgrower or @WickedAle could maybe help you out with that stuff if they aren’t busy

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Okay thanks! Still plenty of time so not in a big hurry!

I will be on and off all day. I can get you some links for stuff now. Power cords and what else?

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