1st Grow Attempt

I noticed I have made many different posts in different topics. So moving on from here I’ll be keeping all my problems and questions in this post and just update whenever needed. I have 2 auto flower plants in the flowering phase right now. In total they have been growing for about 11 weeks. A buddy of mine said they are ready to be harvested and to start drying them. I’ve seen some pictures online and in my opinion they do not look ready. Here are the pictures.


Sorry but that is far from ready. The white colored pistils says it all. They will turn amber to dark brown first. Then they will start to recede into the flower.

Once this starts, you need to monitor the trichomes daily. The top finishes faster than thr middle and bottom.


I thought the same thing, but my buddy had me second guessing myself. Thank you for the feedback! I’ll post some more pictures in a week or so to show updates on them


You’ve got some time to go. The 1st indication you’ll see that you are getting close, is that nearly all of those white hairs will turn color and curl into the bud. Then it will be time to start checking the trichomes.

Here’s a picture of a mature but that is ready to harvest for reference - notice that most of the white hairs have curled in, and changed to orange:

Good luck and happy growing.


That looks amazing! Thank you for the feedback and will definitely show some update pictures in the future!

Thanks. Watching them fatten up in the final weeks is really cool… You’ll see. :exploding_head:


Yeah your buddy doesn’t have a clue, you still got 4-5 weeks to go before harvest.


Yeah that looks like it just started flowering. Sorry but dont listen to that buddy. He apparently has never grown at all…


These are some photoperiod plants I have been growing as well. They are Blue Dream and I’ve had them for about 9 weeks. Did some trimming today because I am starting the flower process tomorrow. I feel like I went a little too crazy with the cutting.

This Saturday will be 12 weeks growing this Gorilla Glue auto flower. Still waiting to see some amber trichomes before harvesting. Hoping to see some soon!

Going into the second week of flowering for my photoperiod Blue Dream plants. Running into a height problem with a branch. I tried to tie it down a bit.

Auto flowers have been drying for about 6 days. A bit wet still. Going to check on them again in 4 days

Blue Dream photoperiod plants in flowering. I’ve seen online that Blue Dream flowering can take 8-9 weeks. I’m currently going into week 8 and from what I’m seeing so far I think I’ll go the full 9 weeks and see how they look then to see if I need to harvest.

I’d say you have way more than a week to go. Like maybe 3.

I thought so as well. The hairs are still reaching out. Waiting for them to curl into the bud. Thank you for the feedback!

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So tomorrow it will be the end of flowering week 9. I am thinking that majority of the buds look good to harvest, but some could go for another week. I’m not sure if I should just cut whatever looks ready and leave the ones that look unfinished.