1st grow, are they growing ok?


5 week old purple kush auto in 5 gallon fabric pots with natures living soil and foof. Vivosun vs2000 in a 4x2 tent. Feeding cal mag

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Almost looks like an iron deficiency. Otherwise looking pretty good.


Hell yeah, good job on your first try


I just got some recharge. Would that help ?

Looks good!

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Should I be worried about the iron deficiency ? Is there anything I can do to correct it ?


Curious as how you can tell an iron from nitrogen deficiency? I am not doubting your diagnosis since I have considerable knowledge about turf grass. Little on Marijuana.
In the turf grass world Iron is added for deep dark green. Golf courses will apply before a televised tournament to give that deep rich green for appearance only. Most turf fertilizer has no iron added. A few due low percentage 2%. Iron is used mainly for dark green.

So as I have just purchased my first indoor growing equipment have FoxFarm soil coming am I good for 4 weeks not to add any supplemental fertilizer? This gentleman is 5 weeks in. I have never grown before. I have a PH test kit for soil which is pretty much the same in turf world to add calcium or potassium to adjust PH.
I am not doubting you whatsoever but, in the turf grass world that would be an extremely hard call to differentiate iron or nitrogen deficiency by color of the turf grass.
What role does Iron play in the Cannabis World.
Asking to learn.


New growth will always be a light color of green; however, in an iron deficiency in cannabis the light green will extend outward and downward from the tips of the plant. These are symptom of chlorosis in newer growth.

Iron is a constituent of several enzymes and some pigments, and assists in nitrate and sulfate reduction and energy production within the plant. Although iron is not used in the synthesis of chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves), it is essential for its formation. This explains why plants deficient in iron show chlorosis in the new leaves.


This is her at a around 2 weeks shes always had some sort of deficiency. But seems to be growing well.

I have to guess based on what I’ve been giving them and the stage they are in. Even then some the yellowing of the leaves is confusing.
Here’s a diagnostic tool to compare your plant to.

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Wish mine looked like that. Good job.

Thank you !

It seems to be going away, a little bit anyway. I’ve been adding recharge the last few feedings. Do you think I should defoliate ? I’ve never done this before and really wouldn’t want to screw up.