1st grow and stummped

First time grower and have been trying to educate myself on basics. Need a little help, but will try and include as much info as possible.

IPOW 2x4 grow tent kit with 100w led light and 4" fan with carbon filter.
3 gal. Fabric pots in FF ocean soil.
R/O water PH’ed to 6-6.2.
Been using the basic 3 FF nutes 2 times weekly with 5ml. Cal mag to 2gal. Water


What’s your question?

Based on your post I would…

Super crop
Defoliate the bottom half or 3rd

Add more lighting, or cut down to one plant
-that light could possibly handle 1 smaller plant in a 2x2 so having it in a 2x4 you are losing a lot of coverage. Because the reflective walls are further apart.

Add your calmag to ro, then add your nutrients followed by pH adjustments.

FF lightly every other, or 3rd watering.

After adding your stuff ph to around 6.8 since it appears you are in flower. Veg 6.3-6.5 flower aim for around 6.8


I didnt think autos were supposed to get very tall. I thought maybe it was caused by too much heat or too much light.

I started out in a 3x3 but as they (2) grew, the twnt got a little cramped with a humidifier and a fan.

I have defoliated the lower 3rd or so. Here is a pic from 10 days ago and a pic from today.


Your plants look very nice. It really does them a world of good to defoliate as you did. Besides they look clean and kept. Definitely adds to the c o l a s. Nice job beautiful plants


Did I miss it somewhere? What strain are you growing?

Hey mate i grow autos only looks like you have two sativa dominant autos so they would stretch alot it also could be due to having not enough light but in saying this ur plants look great there healthy i would lollipop the bottom 3rd of ur plants and i would do a defoliation on the top part of the plant allowing more light and air flow through the canopy.these are my autos


Welcome to the community Growmie, top your plants above the 4th or 5th node next time. This will help with the vertical growth minus the stretch and also increase the harvest yield. You’ll create 2 new tops from a single main :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the forum. My first autos avg. About 4ft each. I pulled down the main colas with pipe cleaners. Ilgm banana kush autos.

Welcome aboard,




You need 150watts of true power per plant to produce good bud if i was you i would move plants outside and use the sun to finish your buds.

I’m always trying to gain y’all’s knowledge.
So my question…you can top autos??

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LSD autos

I live in Arizona where today it will be 96° with 20% humidity.

Isnt that too hot?

I top or manifold all the autos I grow Brother :love_you_gesture:


Guess I hadn let that sink in and just assumed those was all photos.
Well shit. I needa slow down my reading and absorb :green_heart::metal:


:joy::joy: no worries, I grow both and sometimes at the same time and don’t usually put auto or photo on the pics :love_you_gesture:


I’ve been guilty in the past. :joy: Or too stoned to remember


This is my problem, I’m in the ether now :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::metal::green_heart::eyes::sunglasses::man_dancing:


I have the same problem. I speed read :rofl::rofl: i make myself look like a stoner sometimes when i make suggestions thinking its a photo and then somebody comes behind me and makes a suggestion based off an auto and i go back and pay attention and look real uneducated :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I feel ya on that buddy! Damn autos :rofl::crazy_face:

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