1st grow and need advice

Hi I’m new to growing so have started small can you tell me if my light is to far away I’m currently nearing a week as seedling plants are nice green colour currently only using distilled water

We can’t tell much with the purple lighted pics. White light pics work best.
suggest you put seedlings in clear cup with drainage to monitor the roots progress…and put one over to create a humidity dome. Mist to keep seedling moist.
AND…yeah…lower lights

What brand and wattage is light and how many inches is it above them?

The light is phlizon and is 1200w and is currently about 5 6 inches from seedlings as I’ve adjusted it
Sorry for the crap quality of photo

Is that 5-6 inches or 56?

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5-6 inches

They look super wet

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I got that off Amazon for your philzon light

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