1st grow and flowering. Yellow leaves some with spots

This is my first grow and i think all has been going great. Im not sure if the yellowing of the leaves are from lack of water or not. Soil seems moist, not overly dry. Also the spots on the leaves, you think its from too many nutrients? Its a feminized blue dream plant from ILGM and i use the ferilier from here as well. According to “reccomendations” any help would be greatly appreciated

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Looks like a touch of nitrogen excess, but not enough to worry too much about. Feed a little less of the product you are using to provide the plant with nitrogen. Do you know your runoff PPM?

Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles. Water the plant fully, then let the soil dry out before watering again.

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Man thats great news lol. I love an easy fix. And mo sir, i dont know the ppm of the run off. The more skilled i become, lol, i will need to get up to speed and start doing that. And thanks for your help