1st grow and first time to forum

Greetings all!
My first grow experience began 10/28 when I dropped two Gorilla Glue auto seeds for germination.
Being new and lacking anything resembling a green thumb I chose to go the route of Pot For Pot to hopefully ease the learning curve.
Currently I have 2 seedlings that have been above ground for 8 days.
Though P4P instructions read to transplant seedlings around 10 days. The support team with P4P after seeing a pic of one of my girls suggested going ahead and get them in the 5 gal pot. I transplanted 11/6.
I’m hoping to lean on the experience and knowledge of this group to help me through this exciting experience. Thanks in advance for any info and assistance.
I think I have perhaps stunted growth by overwatering. I’ll include a pic for any interested in advising. The leaves seem to be developing and growing, but neither girl is growing in height very much


@Willum congratulations on your first grow and welcome aboard!

Thank you Caligurl!

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Welcome to the community!


Thank you Covertgrower!


Welcome to the community @Willum

Cheers Unknown! Thank you!

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Welcome are you growing indoor or outdoor?

Looks like some kind of Fungus, use some Neem Oil Spray.

Ok. I was going to start spraying weekly this week per P4P instructions. Uneducated question: the fungus stunts growth through roots, leafs?

Thank you btw

Welcome to the community.

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Welcome! I’m using the 5 gallon Pot for Pot now. It’s my first grow and the biggest issue I had was over watering. Be very minimal in the beginning and try not to water right at the base. You’ll be tempted but patience is important.

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pardon my delay. I was limited with responses as a new member.
I am growing indoors
3x3x6 tent
Mars Hydro TSW 2000
6" AC Infinity with filter for exhaust
4" AC Infinity for intake
8" oscillating fan
Small humidifier & Dehumidifier
Oil-filled radiant heater
set up is in my basement
18/6 lighting schedule
average temps 74-78 for lights on; 68-72 for lights out - this with fluctuations but I try to minimize

thanks for the welcome!

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Thank you! pardon the reply delay - administrative guidelines for the forum

I have fallen to the trap of overwatering early on but I think the girls will be ok.
I’m on day 10 out of the ground. new to this forum I’m not clear on how things work, but I’ll keep an eye out for your grow and certainly learn.
You are certainly correct citing PATIENCE. Not a natural exercise for me, but good practice.

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Thanks Deepsix!
pardon my delayed reply…

I haven’t started a journal yet. My first grow too and we pretty much the exact same setup with same size tent fans and lights. I’m also doing the Gorilla Glue Autos in Pot for Pot 5 gallon. Mine sprouted September 9th and is aroumd 3rd or 4th week of flowering by my guess.

You’ll find all the help you’ll need here for sure.


Looks good! Now iAM excited. Watching mine day by day … :peace_symbol: