1st grow Albino Rhino

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to share my first grow. It’s Albino Rhino in 17 Gallon rope tubs that I made. Using Fox Farm nutes with cal-mag, super thrive, and silica blast. They are going into week 10 tomorrow.


Welcome to the forum!


Thank You!

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Hi and welcome! That’s a big girl you have there :wink:

Looking good, do you know the lineage? Looks great! Welcome to the forum!

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It’s a CBD strain with White Rhino IBL genetics of the regular variety by BC Bud Depot.


Welcome to the forum and your girls look lovely.


@Checkyoulater, welcome to the forum, as all above have said. I’m tuned to watching. How did you make your pots? Got a pic

Welcome to the form…lots of info and knowledgeable people here… and we are all here to help one another…

They are 17 gallon rope tubs from Walmart. I used a GH Farm Kit for my water level tube, a 4.5Lx4/min air pump with 4 8in air stones, and made a top out of slick board. I didn’t take any pictures when I built it but I can get you some. I love using it. “The Bigger The Root, The Bigger The Fruit!”