1st grow 2 tents

Hello :wave:t3: Enjoying my new hobby and could use some advice on feeding and just a question about lights .

The bigger plants are ilgm’s Autoflower mix pack .Mostly amnesia haze and blueberry auto.
I got the autoflowers under 2 100 watt leds and I just added a 150 watt vipsrspectra in the middle for a boost .
I’ve been using miracle gro blue fertilizer once or twice a week water every other day

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The all black potted tent is white widow ILGM photoperiod. And an auto I didn’t have room for in the other tent . It kind of blew up being placed directly under the light :bulb:!

Looking good buddy but Imo I wouldn’t use miracle grow heard some some bad stuff

Think miracle grow a negative impact on the plants or I can still come out strong if I switch to a bloom nutrient? A suggested bloom nutrient? 1 or 2 kinds . It was this kind . I also got a cup or so of bone meal in each of the pots

Search eBay for biobizz bloom and growth u can get both cheap

I use Fox Farm. Lotsa people say Jacks 321 here. @FullyMedicated uses(ed) Miacle grow soil with good success. I just tagged him so he will likely chime in. There are plenty of success stories with Miracle grow. I assure there are far more tragedy and failure stories. What you seek on the internet you shall find. If you want to get technical about your nutrients check out

At 35:15 he talks about nutes
And at 22:40 he talks about growing medium and additives.
Bruce Buggby is the :poop:


hey thanks for the tag. yes i have had a couple successful grows using miracle grow. the quality and amount of bud at harvest is good to satisfy myself and my wife. if your looking for high quality bud you would definitely be better to use a different soil next grow. with miracle grow its more of a plant,water and watch. any specific thoughts u are looking for??


I figured, after your journal, that anytime I hear someone say they wanna use miracle grow anything, tag you.


The miracle man is in the house! @FullyMedicated


This is the viparspectra plants looked good before but after seeing one plant flourish under light thought it could use it

What is wrong with this plant it’s supposedly a white widow but here is one of its “sisters”

Got some purp coming :sunglasses:

Is it time to defoliate ? I’m thinking the bud sites could use some exposure

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