1st grow, 2 plants same strain but 1 looks week or 2 behind other

@ week 4 of my 1st grow w Amnesia Fast fem seeds. 2 IN A 2’X4’ TENT. During manifolding process early on I split the “arms” badly on 1 the ladies. Taped n wired her, she came back strong but has ever since been behind in size to her sister. Still managed to top both twice for a 8 cola manifold style although I had to wait a week longer on Lil split gal. Now I’m seeing great trichome frost development on Big Bertha but Lil Split is def a week or 2 behind (and @ 7"s shorter overall). If this devolpmet delay continues till harvest time can I chop n hang B.Bertha in tent and just leave L.Split potted (coco mix) in tent in darkness for another week or 2? Will it continue to slowly develop trichromes w no lights? B.B. looks like a god damn champ and LS looks pretty good so would rather get the best outta BB. Thanx for advice

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Hy welcome to the community @JimmyDuxFan

First do you had pic of the plants?
Photos or autos?
What light do you used?

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as stated above, info is needed but my first grow i am currently on, I had one auto smaller than the other and boom it caught up

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I will post pictures of the top colas from each plant soon as the lights are on about an hour. Amnesia fast photoperiod Seeds from seedsman. 2 by 4 Mars Hydro tent with a Mars Hydro tsl2000 300watt light currently at 100% 12 in away from tallest colas.

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@JimmyDuxFan is hard to said without see the plants, like you said you light is good for 3 plants so can be genetics but @Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @Hellraiser they had you cover with photos


First two pics of fairly Frosty tops are from Big Bertha. 3rd/4th pics w almost no Frost are from Lil split. I appreciate all the responses and yes I am aware that there still an above-average chance that Lil will catch up I’m more trying to be prepared in case it doesn’t because I don’t have a whole lot of options. Was hoping somebody had specific experience leaving one potted in the dark for another week or more and did the trichomes keep developing. Or letting it sit for a full 24 hours of dark and then moving it outside for the last week or two if that’s an option. I would have to wait the 24-hour dark because currently my light on schedule is 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Today is about day 22 from light switch to 12 hours. Gave them their last lollipop defoliation. Hope I didn’t overdo it, I’m more interested in quality than quantity. Could have done a little better job spreading out the colas as they grew. Going to get some of the yo-yo hangers to open up the tall girl on the left a little bit. If I can get an average of three quality ounces per plant I will grow enough for myself per cycle.

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Well first 2 pics look like your just getting to pre flower, bottom 2 pics about the same. If you said 20 days after flip, you will probably be somewhere 2-3 months after flip tell harvest. Too hard to tell how much you will yells because now they are just staring to flower. I haven’t done photos yet but like said your months away from harvest keep up the good work