1st Grow / 1st Trim

Hello All,

I’m 17 days into veg and I decided it was time to trim off some of the under brush. I figured that the branches and leaves that are under the canopy will never keep pace and grow to reach the light / SCROG. So, why have the plant waste energy on them…

Before trimming:

The Carnage:

After trimming:

Under the Hood:

Some questions: Too much, too little?? Should I get every last little leave that is way below the top??

Thanks in advance for your help!


She looks fine to me I wouldn’t take anymore off but that’s me . Nice tight node spacing there very nice job.

I would just let it grow I would not cut any off it will stress her out and can turn hermi


Thanks @Hogmaster
Is it trimming in general that can turn a plant ‘hermi’, or is it that excessive trimming at a time that may do it?

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@HappyCamper It really just depends on how the plant takes it I would recommend the low stress training LST pull your branches down and tie them off and spread it open instead of cutting

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