1st grow,1st journal

Where to start? xP

I have a 31"x31"x71" tent with 600W Viparspectra. Fox Farm Ocean forest with 30%perlite mixed. Ink Bird humidity control, medium room humidifier and small dehumidifier in tent. I’m growin in a basement utility room so i also have a 45 pint continuous draining dehumidifier in the same room.
Friend gave me a strain called Quebec Gold 2.0 and a random autoflower he got for free. Germed both about September 12th or 10 weeks ago tomorrow. Transplanted from Jiffy pellet dome to 2 gallon plastic pot 2 weeks in.
Yellow stake is the Gold, Green is the Auto

Things were looking good so started Fox Farm trio at 1/2 strength upped to full at 3 weeks and things were kicking off.

Began training on week 4


4 days after last pic, transplanted to 3 gal smart pot.

Quebec Gold

Left: QG Right: Auto

By week 6, 1st trimming

Left: QG Right: Auto


We had a power outage at week 7 so i made the switch to 12/12 and it’s also getting a bit tall for the powerful grow light it have. Had some nutrient burn and/or lockout I’ve been trying to figure out for just over a week as of this post. Still really haven’t figured it out. Plants seem a little stunted. The QG had some yellowish splotches on the leaves?

And the Auto had some brown spots

It took longer than i would have liked to get my SCRoG up because i decided to make it difficult and build my own, but in the end it works wonderfully and totally reusable xP

photo_2019-11-13_10-05-42|666x500 (I do not smoke in my grow room! Think i have a ghost! xD
(Yes there are a lot of band-aids but they’ve healed nicely, stronger than before xP)

As of today, Going on week 9, week 4 of flower, only the photoperiod QG is showing trichrome crystals...

The supposed “Autoflower” has no crystals yet o.o


Looks like the plants are asking for calcium in the first few pics. Autos seem to be delayed with trich development and don’t seem to produce as much overall compared to photos. Here’s a photo and an auto around the same age of flower.




They look great. But @Bobbydigital is right. Give them girls some cal-mag on a watering day.

@Bobbydigital & @Axemanjake23 Thanks for the replies. Awesome! I was thinking it might be cal/mag with maybe a little too much nitrogen, some tips were starting to curl down.

Yesterday though, of course, another symptom appeared, any ideas what causes tips to curl/turn sideways? Same thing?

How close is your light and what is the temp and RH? Also if you think the N in the calmag is to much cut back on N when you feed a little. Like half or more.

Light is right at the threshold at 33 inches and can’t go any higher. Thought i timed the 12/12 switch good but they’ve both more than doubled since making the switch lol. Not getting the scrog on in time probably affected that too.

Temps hover between 66 and 72 degrees and RH is between 45% and 55%

Well I’m impressed how resilient these girls are, any other plant woulda probably died in my care by now xD

Another month down, no change really in height and the flowers are kinda developing slowly. But i am still dealing with something.

I began using Cal=Mag and haven’t really noticed much changes positively.

The leaves are starting to get yellow brown crispy edges at the tips on the Auto and the stems have been have purple since i accidentally (cringe) split the main stem in her first month in veg

Trichomes are mostly milky with some clear and barely amber so probably gonna be flushing in a week or 2

The QG is still a shorty with no yellowing or browning leaves but still have the brown spots and most trichomes are still clear.

Ive also been introducing liquid seaweed and molasses while cutting back on the FF.

Also i got my trellis down way too late so not only is the canopy uneven but most of the buds are just lying on top of it xP

As long as its holding them up that’s better than nothing. And I agree the plants are resilient. Also, yours look great :grin:

@Gremmall thanks its good to hear im doing something right :smile: hopefully still good…

I forgot to mention in my last post that i purchased and brewed a batch of Bu’s Brew compost tea the day before the last photo.
Since then, i ordered a under sink RO filter and also found a few local grow shops who carry all the ferts I’ve been using with prices 30-50% cheaper than they are online. I also picked up a carson handheld microscope.

Then the very next day i started seeing the first true yellowing on some of the older fan leaves, on just the “auto” (btw ive been wrong this whole time, i thought i pulled an auto seed out but i think it was actually a blueberry photo…i am not an organized individual :smile:) , but the trichs were still mostly clear. Christmas day all the fan leaves are yellow and finally trichs are about 60/40 white to clear with a smidge of amber. Nearly the same ratio with the QG with very small bit of yellowing starting


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Chopped em down, probably not the yield i was hoping for, but happy with it being my first go :slight_smile: haven’t weighed em yet but i think i got about 2oz or more.

I wet trimmed the Blueberry with the yellowing/ brown leaves and she looks a beaut! I fast dried a few popcorn nugs that popped off and just tested it out. No sizzling or crackles and it burns a clean white with a very earthy taste.


Gonna dry trim the QG just to see which method i like better for the next round.

Quebec Gold 2.0


I germed 3 more seeds 1/2 weeks ago. got another Blueberry going, an actual auto this time and poison skunk. Think this one will go much better and bigger now that i have an idea what i’m doing and what i did wrong thanks for the input on this thread and the other threads I’ve posted in, it’s helped me more than you know!

I’ll get some jar shots tonight or tomorrow when they’re dry

Phone took a crap. Got it curing now. 3- 16 oz jars of the Blueberry came out to 56 grams. Still no strong smells so i got 62% Boveda packs in them and haven’t burped since i put them in a few days ago, to try to build on the aroma/taste, gonna burp for a few minutes tomorrow.

The QG came out to a whopping 27 grams lmao! The buds were very airy basically turned into shake if i tried to trim it down. Biggest bud was the size of my pinky ah well. I trimmed and saved 11 grams in a small jar of the biggest nugs. The rest i decarbed and made a little over a gallon of Cannacreamer :crazy_face:

Ground up the the bud and poured 1/2 gallon organic whole milk with 1 pint carton of heavy cream. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon natural maple syrup and roughly 2/3 cup my favorite coffee creamer, International Delight Cinnabon :drooling_face: cooked it a barely below a simmer for about 1 hour.

The only strainer i have is a small hand held mesh strainer so i opened up one of my paper k-cup filters and set it inside. I strained a little at a time and scooped the trim onto a thick roll of paper towels. When it was all out of the pan i grab the soggy paper towel in a separate bowl with a pair of gloves and squeeze out as much of the excess i can. Then i just threw it in a few mason jars and chilled em.

I tested it out and wow! less is more with this recipe! at least for me :stuck_out_tongue: Taste is great, kinda sweet and nutty and earthy with just a bit of that skunky pot taste.