1st Greenhouse/ GSC Experiment

So I received some clippings from a friend who’s Original GSC came from ILGM from what I know. I have been setting up for next spring, but decided to test out my new greenhouse with the clippings.
So I received them in 1 gal pots with a vermiculite rich mix, which I don’t normally use, so I transplanted them soon after and trained one, left one free for experimentation purposes.

Working with some flourescents to supplement lighting, I’ve got a couple of large 6500k cfl and an 18” flower tube overhead to help complete the 12/12. I left the lights on 24 hrs for the first week after transplant to give the roots some time to take hold. I’d have gone 2 weeks but time restriction didn’t allow but they ended up taking off anyways.

You’ll see some damage in those last shots on the trained one, and possible some white residue on all the leaves throughout. The powder is DE, which is necessary due to some pests in the original soil mix, and our first freeze came without a forecast, I hadn’t added the ceramic heater so the trained plant took a bit of damage, all foliar.

The pics above are where we are now. 8 days of flowering have passed, this morning I saw stigma peeking on the untrained plant, pictured above… the one who took some frost damage is only showing female preflowers but I expected her to be a bit behind. The untrained one in the evening of that same photo has about a dozen more stigma poking out.

Any tips for GSC would be appreciated. I’m using a fantastic home-made soil mix, I’ve bred every beneficial bacteria into it I could, takes about a year to make. Since it’s not entirely my mix from the start I’m using Advanced Nutrients PH perfect MGB to supplement, but they are almost at a full strength weekly feeding and taking it like champs!! Must be a super hungry strain.

Update 12/14… Got some fantastic flowering action on both plants. The off-color is due to the flower tube light, these leaves are super deep green to the eye


Very cool
I look forward to following this grow
I am also in a green house supplementing lighting
Love the set up

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Nice! I was honestly a bit intimidated at first not knowing how the plants would react to me trying to figure out heating and venting… but I’m finding not only are they super adaptive to the temperature and humidity fluctuations, at times I think growth might slow down, they just keep growing! Even when the one plant took frost damage, the next 2 days she popped new growth and kept rolling. Definitely exciting, and keeps me busy until spring lol I’ve got some great flowering action going on I’ll get some photos and update this weekend on Feeding day.

Updated, will update again this weekend… should have some nice clusters starting by then!

Just realized I update in the comments, such a noob!

As promised, another update for the couple of folks who may be reading :hugs:. Got flowering action going… you can see in one of the pictures the tops look kinda hungry, this is my first time with clones and the nutrients I’m using, so I’ve been really careful not to burn but they got full strength feeding today. When I get my actual garden going in the spring I won’t need nutrients, my new compost will be finished.


Flower Time! :+1: Looking green!

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Today is 2 weeks into flowering, no issues to report… Branching on the untrained one has slowed and flower formation is accelerating… the trained one is about a week or so behind, but the top basically has 3 new growth shoots that look like they could kinda combine into a really nice flower, and she’s gonna have some nice open sites on the lowers. Anyways, I’ll probably wait a couple weeks to update again this time.

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Ok so I couldn’t wait 2 weeks… 18 days into flowering and they’re looking pretty good considering… I’ve fought a few nuisances over the last week with other plants in the greenhouse, but early preventative measures on the ladies kept them good… so far the only damage is from the first frost mishap, but it only set the trained plant back about a week. Noticed some glandular activity happening.

Also, some of the leaves on the trained one’s top (the one with 2 side by side bud growths) look funny… it’s because a grasshopper made it into the tent and munched on the top prior to flowering… found the little bastard in shock on the topsoil he ate too much before realizing there was neem coursing through it’s “veins”.

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Had to share another in real light of the “natural” one :wink:

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Day 25 into flower… added a small COB to help supplement… the sun has been a stranger for about a week, with more clouds and winter weather at Hand, figured they could use the help… Also kinda rebuilt the set up, the open face is still facing south in the event the sun graces us with its presence over the next few weeks lol

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Day 35 flowering… slowly stacking, slowly coloring… quickly frosting, sheesh! The mom didn’t frost quite like this… suspecting colder night temps or just a happy little lady? no issues to report.


Just an update… these ladies are receiving the last feeding throughout this week, planning on going ten weeks with about 2 weeks of flush. I’ll be honest, not sure flushing is completely necessary, these are extremely mature smelling already. Anticipating a very nice loud and smooth smoke. The trained one isn’t pictured here, she’s probably about a week behind in maturity due to the training… but you can see some fantastic deep colors starting.


An update on thing 1 and thing 2… exhibiting some beautiful colors into flush. 9 weeks is tomorrow and I’ve got about 80-90% milky glands with the rest being clear or starting to cloud, so I’m gonna push these a few days and probably chop this weekend or possibly next Tuesday. Looking for some amber, about 10% will do. Anyways, I’ll check back in with a harvest and dry weight update to wrap this thing up. Thanks for those who’ve been following, this has been a trying grow, definitely don’t wanna run again in a tent through winter, new indoor structure should be complete in a couple weeks so just in time!

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