1st Frost is coming tonight so worried

I have a decent outdoor grow I had 14 plants in my yard this year and my significant other had 18 very large ones in his. We live on an island in Maine and the humidity has been terrible this year. We have both had bud rot him worse than me. It forced us both to harvest half earlier than we would like. I still have 6 beautiful ladies in my yard and now the 1st frost is coming tonight. So I guess my question is what should I do? I would like to give them another week if possible for some amber tris to show up before I have to cut them down.

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They are actually pretty resistant to cold temps and it could help bring out some colors on the buds. You could cover them if needed but I think you’ll be ok. Worst case, if they get hurt by the frost, just harvest them. No loss.

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As long as it’s not a prolonged frost, they should be fine, but if you see frost for a few days in a row I would consider taking them early.

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You can build a plastic tent just make sure the buds arent touching plastic and cover late as you can and uncover as soon as you can but if its only tonight and its not going to be a heavy frost like the others said already. They should be ok. As soon as frost melts away id go shake them real good to get rid of xtra water

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Throw a light sheet over them at night if you can’t put up a makeshift tent.
Take it off as soon as you wake up. They’re resistant to a lot of cold, but prolonged freezing is not good.

Sorry about the bud rot. The humidity has been brutal, and the fall rain excessive. Many of us are fighting the same battle.

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@raustin is right. One night of frost will not harm your ladies. If it turns into three or four consecutively, that’s an issue. I’d leave them out, however I understand your concern. I live in Maine as well and fought the humidity all year. Good luck!

What I do is keep a couple fans running on high circulate the air and the frost won’t settle. The wine grape farmers here do it for the ice wine.


I’m up in Alaska. I have 2 girls going fairly strong in a closet in an unheated, uninsulated camper. They were outside for 2 months, then cold weather hit. I put a light on them at night, and during the day they’re left to fend for themselves. I absolutely cannot bring them inside.

So far, so good. A month ago, I thought I’d have to cull them. If you can rig up a visqueen tent or something (or if you have a camper/shed/etc you can put them overnight), you can probably extend your season.