1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze



It can seem a little intimidating, but once you get the items in front of you not that big of a deal. The electrical end is usually biggest hang up for most, and it’s probably the easiest part of the job.


Well it is for me because Steve is going to do it :heart:


Stay with hydro?

Or go Soil? How does run off work? Large bucket inside larger bucket?

What size bucket is adequate?


Side note. I’m using tap water so I’m having my water tested (our utility Dept will do it for free so why not)


You’ll probably like hydro better than soil. Would suggest trying coco or like a peat based mix if you’re looking to try something different. Soil is much slower growth.


I use the GH Flora Trio and the GH Armor Si and Calmag supplements.

I follow the GrowWeedEasy dot com schedule for the first 3 weeks but add calmag and silica (2ml/ga each). After that I switch to a version of the Lucas Formula (which is FloraMicro and FloraBloom in a 1:2 ratio at 8ml/16ml respectively). I use 5ml of calmag and silica at this point, and adjust the Micro and Bloom to whatever amount I need to get the ppms where I want them - I usually start with 2ml/gal of Micro and 4ml/gal of Bloom then work my way up from there.

In flower I use the full Lucas Formula (8ml Micro, 16ml Bloom) plus the calmag and silica.


I’ll look into all that!



That’s what I love!


What is RO water?


RO stands for reverse osmosis. Basically purified water with no minerals in it (0 ppm). Most of us use tap water that already has enough trace elements in it like calcium and magnesium.

My tap water is 67ppm and I have had calmag deficiencies show up when I don’t use it.


I’m actually having my water tested for free so I’ll know what’s in it :+1:


@dbrn32 @Fairieswear8oots this is what i use for cal. And sul.


Is there any data on the other side of label?


Never mind, think I found it. It looks like nothing more than dissolved Epsom salts. So yes, magnesium and sulfur.


I’ll revisit this convo after my water is tested :+1:


Sorry i was at work didnt see that ? Until now. Ill try to get a pict. For u. all my autos had some sort of def. Issues these were the things that finally stopped that.


@Justgrowin look up about post 478, that stuff not exactly necessary but will help you get those qb’s together nice and clean.

You’ll want…

3 of the waterproof connectors
3 power cords
6 min of the wago connectors


Hmmmm since I’ve kinda just given up on my girls I’m not sure what day it is. I think 60something. I’ll update that later. I say I’ve “given up” but I am still checking and adjusting their water daily. This morning I noticed that she is approximately 8 weeks and has grown substantially. :face_with_monocle: hmmmmmm
I’ll be changing their water tonight before lights out according to the new schedule provided by @Bogleg
(which by the way is different than the one that I have by a little bit )

Pics an updates to come


This is what I use (except my current batch) and it does the job well.

For my current batch I switched to NFTG because I ordered/received the sample pack. I’ve had to purchase more than I would have liked to supplement the freebie. Imho it’s better suited for soil growers