1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze


correct a reduction of 2 ml a Gal will make quite a difference if you are still adding Cal-mag it also can be reduced


@Donaldj and @Covertgrower thanks again guys!


Day 62

Changed water to bring N down
Used 8 gallons of tap water (sat in bubbler tank for 12 hrs)
Micro 6 tsp
Grow 12 tsp
Bloom 8 tsp

Directions call for 1 1/2 tsp per gal

Ppm 902/950
Ph 581/577
Water temp 71


Lil girl had a broken limb that I was repairing but opted to clone for an outdoor grow for my cousin.

One branch gave me 2 clones.


@Donaldj or anyone else
Once I have the N problem under control will the curled leaves correct themselves?


No but it will prevent more from happening and N actually reduces bud growth and development the claw is just an indicator not so much a issue on it’s own but a clue that N is too high for flower :wink:


Oh thank goodness!! I was starting to panic thinking it wasn’t working!
As always I am grateful for your help​:heart:️:v:t3::sunglasses:


It’s all good many don’t notice the hooking or dismiss it then wonder why buds don’t seem to fill out and seem airy which was a very common issue with people that grow in time release soils or Aquaponics hence the birth of duel root zones and companion planting some strains are just more sensitive and display hints :stuck_out_tongue:


Stopped by an old friends house to visit and she gifted me this nice pile of seeds. I don’t know what it is but I’ve always enjoyed her weed :heart:



Score! What a nice gift. And what mystery. It’ll be fun to see what they turn out to be.


You bet! :seedling: :seedling: :seedling::seedling::seedling: :seedling: :seedling::seedling: :seedling: :seedling::seedling:


I’ve been meaning to tell you, as a kids (7,8ish years old)we use to hunt mud crabs all the time! It was a great adventure walking the beaches and turning over rocks looking for those little suckers lol Those funny looking ones with the huge claw. One day. An exceptionally large one grabbed hold of my thumb and it would NOT let go :persevere: so my brother (a whopping 16 months my sr.) decided a hammer would do the trick. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks lmao Love your pic! Thanks for the memories :crab:


@Fairieswear8oots Maybe different sort of mud crabs these ones love mud and are quite big and very tasty. Their claws are nasty will take a finger straight off…

This one is on top of a carton, case or slab of beer depending on what they call them where you live :blush:


HOLY CRAP :crazy_face:
You know that’s not the crab I’m referring to. I think mine are actually called fiddler crabs.

How do you prepare those? I’d love to steam one up. :smiley:


@Mudcrab01 larger, but similar to the smaller dungeonness crab found in these parts.


@Fairieswear8oots the common practice is to boil them up, cool them down and serve on ice. There are a multitude of ways you can cook them but from splitting in half and steaming and cooking with chilli is quite popular also.


@Covertgrower These are larger examples but they are quite big on average. They tend to get fished quite heavily also but there are sustainable practices for this in regards to size limits and where I am you can only take the males. The are quite expensive to buy running at around $80 AUD a kg. That said you can by a trap set up and bait for around $30.

Then if you trap your own you just have to watch for the Saltwater Crocodiles they are huge in size here.


I’m sorry that I haven’t been in the forum for a bit - I don’t recall answering this question (and I didn’t read down past this post yet, so I don’t know if anyone else did).

When I use the term reservoir I mean whatever the plant is living in. Your 5 gallon buckets are reservoirs for your plants. Your separate huge bucket where you prep your water is just a bucket. :smiley:

Not sure if my nomenclature is the same as experienced hydro growers or not, but it works for me, I guess.


I’m actually getting very discouraged with this hydro process. I’m seriously considering a soil grow next. Regular weed (no auto) and will need to SCROG or serious LST due to limited tent size (light is not in the budget due to quickly approaching vaca :star_struck:)

I need suggestions please. Anything! I would like to drop a seed outside and bring it in when it get too noticeable. Will it be too late to scrog or lst if I do that? Or should I just keep it indoors. (OHHH how I wish I could grow outside totally)
Very jello over @highcountrygal and your setup!!


What part is discouraging you?