1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze


Thanks man I’ll definitly look into :+1:t2:


@Fairieswear8oots ,

That’s what you need. I vent mine right up into the attic and I have a fan that blows it out the vents. Takes care of the heat and smell.
I use two 6" fans to suck the heat and smell then using 6` tubing to yhe attic then use a fan to blpw it out.
But your already in the attic so just go by two cheap fans and blow all your smell out your vents up there


Good morning and thanks for the input :+1:t2: But I think the smell is filling the house through the vents. Wouldn’t I want to close of both vents to stop the smell from escaping the attic?


Day 54 and day 6 and only 100 days til vaca. No problem for the 1st set but I’ll have to have a friend come over and finish the 2nd. Hopefully just the drying and curing stage :+1:t2: Nothing a baggie of smoke can’t buy :wink:

Good morning all :coffee:


Don’t you have two vents one at either end of the attic that go’s outside?


not That I can see BUT there might be inside one of the many cubbyhole type cabinets that surround the bottom of the walls! I’ll check it!
(This is why I love this site!!)


Happiness is finding a small stash in your one hitter :heart:



I’m happy to report that the odor is under control. I tapped a bit of plastic on the in an out vents, closed the gap at the bottom of the door and no smell. So far so good! Thanks to you all for your help❤️❤️


Very good news. :+1: :clap:

Something also to consider but every situation is different so take it if you need it.
Noise. I worry about everything. My tent makes lots of noise with 3 fans running 24-7. I solved the noise coming from the tent by putting a larger fan outside the tent. It recirculates the air outside of the tent and while cranked on high, the noise masks two 6" fans. If someone asks just say the room tends to get hot. Just thinking out loud lol. :v:


Good advice :+1: Thank you​:hugs:


Day 57
Changed water and nutes to #7 on the GH flora trio chart.
Everyone is tucked in at:
Lola. lil girl
PH 5.83. 5.81
Ppm 1327. 1401

Water temp 73
Tent temp 72/88
Humidity 35/51

All in all I’m pleased with how they look.

The two newbies are dead. One never got past sticking its taproot out and the other stretched and then died. I’m not sure about the one that never developed but I for sure just let the other one dry out. On to the next one.


Ok so, as I said, the 2 Amnesia haze auto I just dropped, died, and I really wanted to finish a 2nd grow before my Aug vaca. Best laid plans huh?
I still have 1 seed of AH auto BUT I also have 5 Cheese X haze (I’m pretty sure that’s the name) that I purchased elsewhere. I think I’m gonna drop them when this grow is done. They’re regular and they won’t be done until well after Aug but I I can get a sitter for a week :+1: while I’m gone. The creativity will come in when I have to make this current grow (once harvested, dried & cured) last until fall :pensive:


You know, I had two AHA seeds do the exact same thing as yours. I had one that got a root but never made it out of the rooter, and another one that came up but stalled and never put out a second set of true leaves.

I got so frustrated I popped an NLA seed instead.


It’s frustrating for sure :pensive:


Day 59 Flowering
HELP! What’s going on with my leaves.

Strain: Amnesia Haze Auto (purchased here)


Buckets with bubblers

Ph: 5.81 / Ppm 1370

HG Flora trio #7 on the chart (see pic)


Light System, Size: 1200W Super Bright Full Spectrum LED

Temps; 88/70

Humidity; 55/30

Ventilation System: 1 fan blowin in / 1 blowing out / 1 blowing up and around

Humidifier: No

Co2: No


Lola (short and bushy)


Lil girl tall and sparse



this concerns me 66-70f is res goal at all times over 70 dissolved o2 drops also your ppm is way high for the size of your plants

I would expect that ppm week 4-5 of flower if force feeding but you should be closer to 850-1000 range at flower onset less actually is more. Your ladies are experiencing N tox in it’s early stages have you been tracking ppm or just at changes? You are actually in early bloom a week or 2 off of mid bloom reduce base nutrients omit Grow entirely 5ml M 10ml B 2ml LKB 3-4ml Cal per Gallon should put you closer to on point?


@Donaldj, good morning and thanks!! I guess I did jump the gun on the flowing nutes. I’ll readjust when I get home tonight if it’s not too late. Failing that, I’ll get it done first thing in the morning.

What do you think about their foliage? I love how dark green they are, is that normal?