1st ever grow. Experimenting

What’s up everybody? I’m starting my first grow and just thought I would journal it and pick the brains of all the growers here. I started with some bag seed and have been working on germination. So far, 3 of the 4 have sprouted, with 2 already forming the pre leaves and one that’s opened up. I also just received some seeds from here too, with a P4P. I don’t have any type of special set up, just a 65 watt LED grow bulb. My balcony gets some really good direct sunlight, so I’ve been letting them chill out there for a couple hours in the morning. I’m not really sure what I want to do with the bag seed, since I don’t really want to have tot worry about 12/12 and flowering. Anyway, I’m going to drop my seeds (sour d auto) into some soil tonight. I’ll figure the rest out as I go :joy:


With that light you won’t get very far and welcome to the community.

Preciate that! Yea I figured, I just wanted to get them under something. Do you have any suggestions about small grow lights or bulbs?

Nope because I spent the money on awesome lights that set me back $799 but I was able to get 2 lbs off a single harvest. Lights is the single most important item for growing cannabis. Then soil and nutrients.

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:+1:t4::+1:t4: Got it

The hgl qb board is a very nice plug and play light kit and a single qb board is about 1ft square.

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Planted two of my sour d autos yesterday. The seeds had already started to sprout so that was cool. 3 out of the 4 bagseeds sprouted. I’m going to give two away. The one I’m going to keep looks pretty good I think. I’ve decided I’m going to make one of the autos exclusively a balcony plant and the the other I’m going to do a mix in/out.

Some pictures. I believe that second one is stretching? I’m my light will be in this week so I’m not too worried about it. Probably going to go ahead and get a tent too.

Update: couple pics of my ladies. About 5 weeks here

New pics. Two are flowering. Not sure what this short one is doing.


Looks good. Congrats

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Update: so the short one is a guy. He showed himself today :cry:

Not all gloom tho cause this baby is frostyyyy

It’s been a while and my babies are almost ready! Couple of pics from last few days