1st Ever Grow. Am I missing anything

Since deciding to start growing, buying seeds ILGM, and discovering the forum, I have reached paralysis by analysis. Here are some pictures of where my setup is. I leave for a weeks vacation Sunday, so I’m not planning to germinate seeds until I get back.

Growing 4 wedding cake fem seeds in 4x4 tent.

To Do:

  • fashion diy halos on feed lines
  • cap the end of feed line with shutoff
  • fabricate 3 other auto drains and route to collection bucket

HGL 650r plus exvlence 1500w blurple Amazon light

AC Infinity T4 exhaust and s4 intake. T6 is on x-mas list

Plant saucers with one drain line fitted, and feed lines to saucer area.

Auto feed setup. 400gph pump, 2-port air pump, ac infinity controller.



Man looks good. only thing I dont see is cal-mag. your plants will need calmag in coco more so then soil based meduims. In fact I charge my coco with calmag before I ever plant. even small seedling can have Cal Mag deficiencies and cause problems very early. And a ppm/tds/EC meter. you will want to know the ppm of nutes in and runoff.

I layer Epsom salts in the Coco so as the plants get older they dig in and find my magnesium

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Your Gunna need some verticlip fans and scrog nets also some yoyos and veg clips

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I pretty sure he has most of that pictured above,clip fans and yoyos. I didnt read were he was wanting to use a net but all good ideas. what is a veg clip?

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The local grow store was out of CaliMagic but will get some in before I start seeds. Definitely on my list.


I have seriously considered a scrog (already bought materials.) As I’ve been reading, as a complete newbie to growing or horticulture in general, it seemed doing a scrog was discouraged until you’ve grown a few times.

Scrog: 2x3 lumber box approximately 3’6x3’6” for my 4x4 tent. 1/4” eye hooks spaced 2.5” apart around top of frame. Nylon rope stretched between eye hooks. I was planning to us a couple heavy duty ratchet clips to suspend it.

Am I on the right track from a scrog and/or waiting until I’ve done a couple grows?

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You are right to wait to scrog , if you feel more comfortable in gaining some grow experience that is the way to go. System looks great, happy growing :rofl: :bat:

I see you got the mykos sample pack

Yeah indoor grow store in town convinced me that would help with transplanting and root development. Also picked up CalMag, Mommoth P, GH silica, and floralicious today. I think I’m pretty good for nutrients to start.

Inclusive update: Material wise, I think I’m pretty set until later in the grow cycle.

Added some more nutrients to the mix…

I got impatient with Mexico trip upcoming, so I got a different brand CalMag, Mammoth P (enough for 100 gal free from local grow store :heart_eyes:), floralicious, and silica.

I made 6.5” center to center halos with 6 small holes each; I plan to make 9” for final pots.
Also getting my auto drain bucket system plumbed. Still have some gluing there. And added a CO2 bag.

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Final update before vacation. I was able to complete (for now I’m sure :man_facepalming:) my grow setup. When I get back on the 18th, I’ll start a grow journal and tag those that have responded. I appreciate you advice and suggestions!

Auto draining pots - to in tent drain bucket with condensate pump - line to 5 - gal bucket outside the tent.

Homemade hydro halos are built and drilled. They won’t be used until 3 - gal pots, but pictures were with 1 - gal.

And I’ve got a seedling setup. I’ll be moving seeds to Root Riot after they pop. Then into plastic shell. I’ll hand feed them until the 3 - gal pot stage.

A question I have regards lighting while the seedlings are in the plastic shell.

I’m assuming the lights I have are too intense to use, so what do you recommend?

I will grow 4 plants from seeds to harvest. Then I plan to start a handful or so seeds to transplant outdoors in late May. If time permits after the first grow, maybe I can sneak in an auto flowering run before the outside run, or alongside. :heart_eyes::thinking:


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Just looking back I would use the Amazon blurple for that. Many of us still hang on to our old blurple lights for that reason, I currently have mine in a seedling box.

Perfect suggestion for seedling lites, I do the same. Great looking setup, I can imagine a very nice grow in the future. good luck and happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Using blurple would be awesome! What height would you start the light above seed humidity lid? I’m hoping for a successful grow, but I also recognize it’s my first time and new equipment.