1st day of flower cycle......Fox Farm Big Bloom?

1st day into flowering. Growing in FFOF and about to use FF Big Bloom.
Do I ph the water after putting in the FF? Or do I ph the water before adding the fox farms? I am growing in tent and hand watering. Any suggestions would be graetly appreciated.
Thanks all

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Always add you nutrients / additives first and then adjust ph if needed.

I only have 2 plants going both in 3 gallon fabric pots under 300w LED. Seems like I water them everyday or at the least every other day. Is that normal?
If is do I use the FF Big Bloom each time I water or just twicw a week? They are drinking 1 gallon between the 2 every other day. At the same time I never have any run off in the tray underneath.
Help suggestions would be great.

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To get run off just give them more water
and ph after you add nutes