1st Clone / photo period question

So I was giving a small female clone, (photo period) already rooted, but it was seemingly cut during flower stage, so I have a smaller cola developing and a few other flowered branches. Currently it’s in a small planting container and I plan on transplanting it into a 5 gallon bag, so should I top it and cut off the flowered branches to reduce it back to veg? Not sure, want it to grow bigger. My experience is only with AF until now


It will take off @Greenhell just transplant it and right lighting schedule


What light schedule is it under?
To stay in veg it needs 18/6
Doing so, if it truly is a photo period plant, it will start to look weird as it re-vegges. Then you can grow it larger and either clone it again as many times as you wish, or set it back to 12/12 and let it flower.
Fastest would be to let it flower as is under 12/12 light and take the small harvest. Revegging will take a couple months to get to where you can have a decent size plant and then flower. 3-4 months total I would guess.


Guess I’ll go that way, setting up for a single photo upstairs, my AF’s are 18-6 down stairs in the tent, upstairs skylight’s and timed LED’s for 12-12, this can also be my cloning experiment eventually lol

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If cut in flower it needs to reveg, this is best achieved by putting it under 24hrs light for a a couple of weeks untill you start to see really weird twisted growths coming out of the buds. It will grow new branches out of the buds.
Heres a reveg i did that should help you out.


New grouth from buds