1st Autoflower, Autopot, Hydro and LED


Couple things @NewDream

Due to the nature of autopots “continuous feeding” style, you will NEVER want to use nutrients at the manufacturer recommended doses/amounts. This has been proven by countless autopot growers. You will burn up your plants.

Generally speaking (and I have just mimicked other successful AP growers) you work your way up from 0 - 50% of the amounts listed on the bottle/bag. For example, I use AN PH Perfect Sensi Grow/Bloom. The bottle lists 4ml/L as the rec full strength dose. In my AP’s I have trouble getting to 2ml/L without noticing burnt tips or signs of over nuting.

This is a general outline of how I feed my gals. On the chart Day -1 equals how the autopot pot is “pre-charged” prior to sowing your germinated seed into it.

I planted this germed seed on 8/6 it sprouted on 8/7. It’s been fed twice. On day 5 it got a tad less than a liter of nutes mixed at .5ml/L of Grow parts A&B along with the voodoo juice and calmag. Day 10 it got another liter with .75ml/L of grow nutes and the supplements. She is about to get her Day 15 feeding soon and I will bump that to 1.25ml/L.

I am cutting back on the amount of liquid a bit because I am not using straight coco this grow. I am using 70% promix BX and 25% coco and 5% perlite.


@Screwauger Thanks for the tips and chart. I was actually shooting for 1/4 strength, but didn’t have a measuring spoon/cup, and then dropped my ph meter in the water so don’t think that was accurate either. The other plants got the same nutes and were fine, but the burnt one was planted 5 days later than the others. Was thinking maybe that one just wasn’t ready. Good news is I got a measuring cup and new ph meter. I’ll keep your chart handy for future feedings. I’m just going to leave them alone now until they’re dry. Soil moisture meter should work on choir, no? Can’t stop peeking at them tho!


Yeah it should work. Not too much concern of over watering in coco but those first few feedings are really just “sips” at 750 ml. Good going so far, tag me anytime.


They’re doing great. Lots of new leaves. Watered on Friday, day 14. Will turn on pots this weekend probably. This is the one that burned a bit. She’s the tallest, and youngest.


**Three weeks now for most of these girls. The tallest with strongest stem is actually about 5 days younger than the others - also the only one I used paper towel method to germ. She’s in the last photo.

Lower leaves showed a touch of fertilizer burn this week on the tips of some. Just watered yesterday for first time since last weekend. Went down from 1/4 strength a bit to about 1/8 strength. Used 1/2 gallon of water between the 4 plants.

I had planned to turn on the AutoPots today, but my 1/4” filter in the reservoir was broken. AutoPot is sending a replacement. ***


@Screwauger Fed/watered on Friday at 1/8 strength with a drop of Superthrive and no calmag. Ph was about 5.9. Still got a little burning. These are nute burns right?


It does appear to be a bit of nutrient burn, yes. Its hard to know for sure without a whiter lights source but I believe she did show you she was burning a bit. Good to back off or go with the 1/8’th for a bit and just watch her. They do surprisingly well in the first few weeks with little effort and not much “love” (water, food, babying).

It iven looks a bit like it might be pulling out of the burn, so to speak so keep on doing what you’re doing @NewDream


Had a flood in the tent the other day. Finally turned on the autopots then took a nap. Woke up to a half inch of water in the tent tray. I believe one of the valves was not lodged correctly. Seems to be working fine now.

I have bad luck with electronic ph sensors so I bought some test solution to use instead. Never went wrong doing it that way!

Here they are today.


Got a security cam on Amazon for $30 so I can look in on the girls when I’m out or at work. $5 a month subscription. Nice deal. Here’s the view:

@Screwauger I’m wondering if it’s a good time to start low stress training. They’re 4 weeks now. I planned to use some bamboo I have to bind plant back.


That is impressive!


It’s never too early @NewDream but keep to the theory, “low stress”
My goal is not to stall the plant in any manner so Low stress to me is very low. I only help branches to spread outward, opening up the center of the plant to more air and light. Good luck!!


i need a cam in my grow @NewDream
your ladies are coming right along!


I swear they already look taller! I’ve left the light on 24-hours and I swear they’ve grown every time I look at them. Here’s the Nanny Cam view today:


Finally tied them back to let the lower vegetation get some light.


i need to start training mine as well @NewDream
heading out to grow this morn to get things going…lol
looking great!


It’s only been 1 day and a half, but inside growth has greened and bushed up some. I’ve left everything on -lights, air domes, autopots - for about a week now and they do seem to grow fast under those conditions.


I’m wondering when they will go into flowering. The strain info said flowering time 55-65 days, but they’re about 6 weeks now and I don’t see any signs of flowering yet. Am I reading it wrong?

@Screwauger @Blasting


Couple points of interest.

Breeder estimates are generous but typically, they refer to the number of days/weeks to finish flowering once you note actual flowering happening. With auto’s it varies but anywhere from 28 - 48 days you should be seeing preflowers or more evidience of sex and flowering (if the beans are autos).

That said, the breeders estimate low and so far, I have understood, you may meet those times if you start pushing bloom nutrients by week 3 or even earlier. I push grow nutes on auto’s into week 7 and 8 to maximize veg growth (I just started transition bloom nutes this morning on a 41 day old auto).

So we then ask: what are you feeding them (even though they should be showing preflowers regardless of feed/nutrients)? @NewDream

Can you get a decent close up of the top of one of the plants?


@Screwauger I tried to get some closeups but not sure if I did a very good job.

I’m feeding 30 milligrams to 5 gallons of water of RX Solutions Grow A and B and cal/mag.

I add a capful of Superthrive and 20 milligrams of raw sweet which content is shown in pic.

I’m down to a little above 1/2 of my 12-gallon reservoir and will add 5 gallons probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Should I be transitioning to bloom nutrients?


I’m the Clown not an expert but the light pic the plant look nute deficient and I would just change to flower nutrients on a total res change :clown_face:
I will even flush on the grow to flower reservoir change


Yes indeed, I would start to transition but your still seeing good growth. I would go half and half bllom and grow nutes for a week (so maybe not a full reservoir.

I just started mine on a 50/50 mix and I will let this one plant drink up the 5 gallons then go full bloom nutes.