1st Autoflower, Autopot, Hydro and LED


Roger that. Edited out brand name.


Still unsure about that picture haha!

Tangerine dream has been a strain I was eyeing :no_mouth: I love all those Tangerine/Orange/Citrus/Lemon taste :smiley:


Putting up the grow tent by myself was a bitch. The things are heavy and it’s 6 feet tall, while I’m 5’4”. I had to watch YouTube to figure out how to hook up the filter system. Zip ties are much easier to mount a fi,ter with than those straps that come with the tent. Not bad for a girl, huh?
![image|375x500](upload://vXhtcOLi 3Bzd1qsrmUPBc1k7jF9.jpeg)

Meanwhile, the seeds are all growing their tails!


Great Job!!


First leaf.


Be careful with keeping your rapid rooters so wet/sitting in a pool of water. The just forming roots could start damping off from root rot.


She will start to take off now! My WWA went from that to an inch in less than 2 days in my Jiffy pod. :wink: Best wishes on your grow.



Thanks. That’s just how you’re supposed to water these plugs. You set them in 1/4” of water until they soak up what they need, then remove them from the water.


**Thanks and best wishes to you as well! **


You’re using rapid rooters, right? If so, I’m standing by my suggestion: those things should be damp, not sitting in h2o.


I would suggest to remove the water also, too damp rooters might run you into problems later!


I set my rockwool cubes on some hydroton in the germination/heatmat tray, keeps rockwool from being soaked and gives roots a space to go


@blackthumbbetty The rapid rooters are not setting in water. If you read the directions on the package, this is how you water them. You set them in a quarter inch of water until they’ve wicked up enough water. So I guess I agree with you, ok? Never leave plants setting in water. Unless they’re water plants in which case they’ll thrive. I’m a newbie to growing Cannabis but not to growing plants. Here are the seedlings this evening, still stretching out. I put them under the LED now and lightly misted them with distilled water containing a drop of Superthrive.


I’m not here to argue with you. Keep doing whatever you want, b/c it’s your grow.

However, two of the photos you’ve shared have had those rooters sitting in water, several days apart. You need to moisten the rooters before sticking your seed inside & you need to keep them moist, but yours are soaking wet. You risk damping off your seedlings b/c of root rot.

I won’t mention it again & annoy you, but take it from a person who knows damping off intimately: you do not want it to happen to you.

Happy growing!


@blackthumbbetty Thanks for your concern. I appreciate a passionate grower. However there’s only one pic of my seedlings in water, because I was watering them When the camera was off, I picked them up and put them back into the prop tray to bathe in light and dry out a bit til next watering. But I do thank you again for the advice and concern. I hope you will still speak your mind about my grow. Cheers!


Post 39 & Post 45.


They’re doing great. Even had a couple have the root pass through the plug already

They’re doing great. Even had a couple have the root pass through the plug already.


Woo! When are they going into the autopots ? :smiley:


AutoPots just arrived! I’m not sure when I’ll set them up. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. I’ll be using clay pebbles and coir for the first time. I bought ten gallons of distilled water but need to buy more. Decided I’ll fill the reservoir with distilled water because it has less chlorine and particulate matter. It’ll be a couple weeks before the reservoir is in use tho.