1st auto grow. What am i doing wrong? Can i fix?

I switched my grow light to both red and blue lights about a week ago and now its looking a little sad. Anything i might be doing wrong or need to do based on the pictures? One was from a week ago, one is from today. Planted on jan 1st.

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This is my first grow. White widow autoflower. Are the big leaves suppose to look like that when it starts to flower?

Looks fine. I’d consider cutting those two fan leaves imho.


I thought the blue spectrum was more for veg? It certainly doesn’t look happy.

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I presumed the second pic was the more recent one. If so she’s doing better. If I’m stoned and have it backwards the shitty looking leaves gal is hurting but other pic looks better. :roll_eyes::thinking::sparkles:

The rest of your leaves look healthy. I believe I would remove those 2 and keep a eye out for any discoloration and signs of deficiency.

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Based on the pics, the plant on the left almost looks like it got really hot, almost to the point of getting burned.

The wilted leaves picture is the most recent. They are a week apart

I wanted to let you know that I also am running both blue and red to good effect, so dont worry about that.

First of all welcome to a great forum . I would remove those dead leaves and avoid getting water on those fan leaves as well. How is your soil looking?
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