1st Auto - Are these flower/buds?

Help please
First time grower, Auto, outdoor, Do-si-do. Planted in coco with perlite.

I “think” my plant is about 8+ weeks old? I know next time to keep detailed records.

I’m trying to figure out if these small protrusions are the start of a flower/bud or is it another set of leaves.

Any thoughts?

Stipule, too early to tell sex yet.



Thanks for the response. Determine sex? It better be female.

Bought do-si-do autoflower seeds from ILGM.

Just didn’t know if I was looking at new leaves or start of a flower.

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Im sure it will be. :grin:
Was just commenting without full knowledge
ILGM only sells feminized autoflowers, however there are “Regular” autoflower seeds available that other breeders sell that include male and female genetics.

Nope, what Spiney said. 8 weeks is quite a long time for an auto to not start flower. Hope you got an auto. I’ve read sometimes they just don’t auto flower. Never been the case for me, but I’ve only grown three.


Thanks guys. I’ve made countless mistakes with my 1st grow. I’ll keep going with this one and see if it does anything. I’m anxious to try again


I still do. But the plant forgives me and produces buds anyway.


Could be she’s just running late, or a misfire.
They’re definitely on their own time clock.

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I have two green leaves and they’re budding Never put them in the 1212 they just started biting how do I know when they’re done

Get a jewelers loop or a USB microscope and check your trichromes. They will turn from clear to milky to Amber. Milky is max THC and amber is it turning into cbdn.