1st attempt to grow can anyone tell me how am doing?

@Pollo831,. First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM.
Visit. The Lounge that’s where we all get together and talk about just about anything. But we don’t talk about our plants. Got a good joke…if you do…bring it on !

Anyway your plants look great, great job for a first time grower keep us all updated our you don’t care.

B Safe

@garrigan62 where is this lounge you talk about

Get to the bottom of this topic and keep scrolling down. You’ll find it.

Still don’t see anything that says lounge

The lounge is under fun and facts .

OK thanks @rjw71

Oops, tap the ILGM home button then look for fun and facts. Lounge is under that. My bad.

Thanks I found it

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Good you found it. Go to the very top. I started the lounge with a good joke.


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