1st attempt, grow tent, super skunk clone

Not sure if they sprouted yet as I’m out of town. I’ll have to get the Mrs to check when she waters the teenage girls today! If they still not sprouted when I get home Friday, I’ll throw them away and start again, and probably go back to propogation dome instead of aeroponics. And maybe get some tomato seeds to play round with aeroponics, think maybe jiffys in aeroponics is not the best for seeds…

That’s odd you say that AMS does the shipping like that… I ordered my seeds from Ilgm and got that shitty packaging… Not secret at all… Had me wondering why no secret packing… Could have got me caught but it didn’t so obviously I don’t care lol but sorry to get off topic…I never used jiffy pot things…but it seams from what I hear that they stay to moist and the netting they are in is bad for the roots

I deff need to look into more about that AMS shopping thing…

I only went to AMS for their extra variety, plus had a 50% off voucher, along with buy 10 seeds, get 10 free and 5 free seeds with the order! But like I say, they were just wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, if the package was opened the seeds are right there with initials to identify what’s what! Atleast ILGM you would have to dig a little deeper, but the funny thing is it’s only ILGM that hasn’t got to me! On the positive side, it was good to know they didn’t get to me, but the authorities didn’t come knocking on the door! Jiffys were really good with clones, and my last seed even, but that didn’t go in aeroponics bucket, it was in propogator! Might get tomato seeds or something cheap and play round with the timer on aeroponics and see if I’m wasting my time. I know it would keep the jiffy moist, but thought with the highly oxygenated water from the mister there would be plenty of oxygen too! May try rock wool, or even foam, but maybe aeroponics is just not for seeds…

Is it a separate site for AMS? I ordered from Ilgm site and got my labeled seeds in bubble wrap envelope taped to a folded Peice of cardboard… Nothing sneaky about it lol… And with Rockwool I believe you have to soak in a lower ph water because it comes with a high Ph and especially with hydro the Ph has to be lower… But good luck!!!

AMS is Amsterdam marijuana seeds, they do ILGM’s shipping, how you got your seeds is exactly how mine came from AMS, but the AMS bags just have initials rather than the full name on them. My seeds from ILGM were more concealed, but atleast 2 of those orders have not got to me! I ordered Rockwool today, and a different cycle timer for the aeroponics so will get some tomato seeds and do some experimenting with Rockwool and jiffys, and the different timers and see what happens. I think the rock wool will more successful, as it dries quicker. I’ll pre soak the Rockwool to correct the PH. In the mean time, I’ve lost 2 weeks with the passing of these 4 baby girls so might just take 4 clones from the AK47 that’s almost 6 weeks into flower as they will probably catch up the 2 weeks I’ve lost! Or just suck it up, germinate another 4 seeds and flag the aeroponics till I have it sorted and just have to wait an extra 2 weeks till harvest. I know we need patience in this game, but I really want to be harvesting every 2 months!

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Aww those poor baby’s. Took me a while to find a way to sprout, and more importantly keep my seedlings. I used a jiffy for my current grow as well as for my clones, and they worked fine, although they do tend to hold moisture for a while. Also, the humidity dome Tht comes with the jiffys kinda fried some of my seedlings, but tht prbly cuz I had it outdoors and its pretty hot this far south. Wish u the best of luck with ur next batch

Winter here at mo so heat isn’t an issue! I’ve had 100% success rate with clones in jiffys in the aeroponics, I thought seeds would be easier! So,when I get home tomorrow I’ll make the decision to clone, or go back to basics with the seeds, germinate them then put them in propogator.


Either way works (usually), just do what u think is best for u.

Ok, 4 more seeds in water overnight then going in canna terra soil in the morn :slight_smile:

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Seeds spent 16 hrs in water, moistened soil with 100ppm 6.3ph rain water with canna rhizoctonic, seeds put in 1/4" deep, wait n see what happens this time! 1st time using good soil.

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Drying space and PowerPoint station

Seedling and grow space

AK47 monster crop clones day 42


2/4 sprouted

Mine came the same way! No stealth package at all!

Propped them on box to get them closer to light as they appear to be stretching. Lights are fixed in this space as it is deep and narrow and adjusting lights is difficult without knocking something or damaging plant!

Germinating northern lights extreme and white widow to replace 2 that I don’t think are going to sprout. Also have white widow extreme but nobody has a bad thing to say about Roberts white widow and his genetics so trying them 1st. I should have done a side by side trial of the WW and WW extreme! Will put these seeds in jiffys and the jiffys in the small pots with Canna soil. If they don’t sprout in a week, I’m going to try monster cloning form the AK47 that will be day 56 of flower! Even the lowest branches have decent looking buds (not a bad thing!) so will be interesting to see how they take to veg but @hillcrest21678 has good success with monster cloning late in flower!

mine came the same way both times i ordered the last time the mail lady put em in the wrong mailbox and the man that lives 9 houses away brought them to me the next day opened!!! he just gave it to me and said here’s your seeds sorry I opened it I thought it was my mail

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My last couple of orders didn’t make it, I was thinking of trying getting them sent to my neighbour “by accident” lol.

Ak47 day 56


AK47 day 64, ready for harvest you guys reckon?

How do trichomes look clear, milky or amber

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