1st attempt, grow tent, super skunk clone

ok thank you

Thank you @MacGyverStoner for answering that!

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Does this look ready to harvest? It’s only been 6 weeks in flower but pistils are lookin pretty dark.

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Hard to tell for sure, but I would suspect they still have another week or two left in them. Highly recommend getting a jewlers loupe or pocket microscope to check your trichomes. Aim for a 60x magnification at least. You can find them on amazon for $10-20. I begin my Goldleaf flush week 7 and harvest week 9-10 depending on cloudy to amber trich ratio, but it is a 63-67 flowering day strain.

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Follow what @JTheH said and you’ll be fine

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Harvested top of plant, and lowered light to try get more from lower buds. I ordered digital microscope 2 or 3 woks ago but still waiting for it!

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Ok, I’ve been a bit slack regularly updating this! Got about 4oz from super skunk, ceurrently have the 2 super skunk clones and the AK47 seed on day 4 of flower

Clones of AK47 done 2 weeks ago, they took 8 days to root in aeroponics bucket

NIce Bevan, those clone are looking nice and perky! How old were the mother’s when you took the clones? And what light do you have the clones under there? LED or dual spectrum cfl?

In hindsight i should have gone with super skunk with my first hydro grow. Ive got a super silver haze and Roberts Gold leaf both transplanted from soil to hydro. Waiting for the SSH to catch up to goldie under some t5’s before i pull the hid’s out. coming into winter here (AUS) so am waiting for the weather to cool down for mh light. But yeah super skunk, beginner strain, high yield and short flowering time. Pretty cool!

Mother was bout 8 weeks from planted seed when clones taken. Using Chinese 300w led’s which consume 84w and I have 2 of them. Roberts AK seeds look far superior the super skunk, these clones are the AK, I’m not sure in the history of the original super skunk clone!

This is beginning week 4 of flower


Day 65

Chopped big buds off the top, lower the light and give the rest another 2 weeks.


AK clones started week 5 of flower on the 26th June, pics to come. Think few cool nights may have slowed their growth a lil bit. Have added heater on thermostat plug to control temp but I think it struggles in real cold nights with the extract fan drawing so much fresh cold air in. So I’m going to put the extract fan on a thermostat plug so it turns off when the temp drops too much.

Germinated some seeds on Friday, Amnesia trance extreme, border liner extreme, mega jackpot extreme and northern lights extreme. Put them in Jiffys this morning.
We’re going to germinate combination of ILGM’s seeds bu they havnt yet arrived so saving till next time.

4 seeds spent 72 hrs in water, then in jiffys in aeroponics bucket

AK47 clones, day 31 of flower


Well it’s been over 8 days and still no seeds have sprouted…

I’m deff concidered a new grower but with 72 hours in water sounds like you might have drown them… Did they have tails when you pulled them out of the water?

I’ve drown seeds in only 24 hours, I never soak them anymore

72 hour soak ?! …never heard of that but I wish you luck !

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Right seed jiffy pot 24 hours later bingo got tap root day later sprout always worked for me

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Robert says the seeds can be left in water up to 7 days without absorbing too much water…

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Maybe the jiffys in aeroponics bucket drowned them… Maybe Rock wool would be better although I’m not sure if rock wool is good to be put in soil