1st attempt at a scrog grow


Hi there,
So this is my first attempt at a scrog and as you can see things are getting a little crowded. Not sure where to go from here should i just let it grow out from here or continue to tuck. I flipped to 12/12 a week ago canopy seems to be staying pretty even and theres not alot of stretch as yet. Thinking about some doing some defoliating but not sure where to start. Any tips or constructive criticism is welcomed.


Wow nicely done!!


You have done very well for your first attempt, I will be following this grow with anticipation. Being a probationary grower, I am not really in a position to give advice…as yet ! I do however, admire your bravery in attempting something for the first time.

Looking really good @Bjg, live long and propagate my friend. :slightly_smiling_face:


With my scrog, I started at the bottom of my plants and trimmed all the small growth that wasn’t getting light and wouldn’t get into the screen. I also tend to err on the side of caution though. I’m worried I’ll defoliate too much and probably end up not taking enough.


A lot of people remove all leaves & such that are below the net, but leave the top of the net alone.


Yeah I’ve been trimming everything below the net. But things are getting a bit out of hand up top. I’ve removed a shopping bag full of fan leaves all ready I’m just a bit nervous about trimming the top fan leaves. Any tips on which ones to take off would be much appreciated.
Ps this is my second grow from start to finish the first one grew wildly out of control so I’m trying to keep this one in check.


Beautifully done! When I’m taking leaves I look for those that are overlapping or blocking a bud site. I’ve also heard to leave those that are directly below a bud site. :v::green_heart:


Cheers! I had a bit of a go this arve and yeah that was the approach I took only removing leaves that were bunching up or covering bud sites. Plants looked a bit sad afterwards but hoping they’ll bounce back tomorrow.


Bit of an update, 1 was a male so down to 3(thankfully was running out of room). My neat and uniform scrog has turned into an out of control jungle. I went away for 3 days mid stretch and came home to the jungle. Still pretty happy with the progress think it’s getting a bit late to do anymore training. What do you guys reckon just let them go?

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


more pics the others didnt seem to load



Its not too late to pull some branches into the space left by the male. It can only help to expose more bud sites to the light.


Yeah those 3 branches in the front have pretty much taken its place all ready. Might tie some branches back to open it up a bit more its a bit crowded in the middle.