1st Am Haze auto grow

I agree with dbrn32. Does he check ph and ppms? Now would be an ideal time to check runoff and adjust accordingly.

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I can see that seeing as he also refuses to ph his watch. “Nobody ph’s or adds nutes in the wild” he says. I get tired of arguing with him. Thanks bro.

Let plants speak for themselves. Ever wonder why ditch weed has the reputation it does? Improper or lack of care is one of the reasons.

He could simply run web search on yellow cannabis leaves and see for himself. There will probably be 100’s of hit that agree with us lol.

Finally I convinced him we’ll you guys did I had to show him your posts. I told him flush her with distilled water whole gallon. After she sets awhile and stops dripping feed her my premixed ph’d water. Tomorrow feed her a 1/4 of my mixed nute water. I ph all my water. And more ph water then hes going on a schedule of good water and nutes.

It might take more than a gallon to get the ph back to where it needs to be unless you are using sledgehammer or FloraKleen for the flush. Otherwise it takes 2-3 times the size of your pot, like 10-15 gallons for 5 gal pot. Ph’ing every gal.

I keep a gallon of FloraKleen around now after learning the hard way flushing 10 gal pots with 20-30 gallons. It’s that stuff I only do 2-3. Lol

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On another note, I started a new thread with pics of the new grow room setup. New larger grow room almost complete!
Check it out if you have a chance.

Have you guys verified that the ph is off? Only reason I ask is because if the ph is reasonable and your showing a nutrient deficiency instead a flush will hurt more than help.

If it were me, I would pour enough through to collect some runoff and see. If it needs ph correction than flush. If ppm is low at that point follow up immediately with around 1000 ppm of early to mid flower recipe.


Not until I test his water. I’ll test his water before we do anything and then adjust accordingly. Thx

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Sour Diesel
Maui wowie
Am Haze auto almost 4 weeks flower


1st thing he uses rainwater and no nutes other than what came in the soil. I calibrated my ph meter yesterday. I ran a gallon of rainwater through his pot. Rainwater in ph 7.23 and ppm 15. Runoff ph 7.26 and ppm 622.
My guess would be high ph locked out the roots and she needs floraKleen flush then a nute filled watering. Am I close. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @VTGROW @DivChem

That’s what I would do! After that, I’d add some p and k my next feed.

Me personally, I do a gal FloraKleen flush and then 1-2 gals just ph’d water with calmag but I use coco. Then I hit her with nutes next water/feed.

How much am I looking for PK

That is pretty low on ppm to be maintaining over length of time. Based on your description has probably been low for a while.

I would still recommend something like early flower recipe at 1000 ppm, maybe even a little higher. Ph it to maybe 6.2 and water in to a solid amount of runoff.

Would you flush with Florakleen or just start feeding her nutes.

Cant go wrong with the nutes. If its no bueno, Flush it… in my opinion.


Flush probably isn’t necessary, but you could. I don’t see it hurting anything as long as you finish with a feeding.

Ok sounds good. Thanks for the help. He’s a stubborn f’er. I’ve always used ph’d water and always will. Hopefully he will too

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Am Haze auto Sour Diesel 4 weeks in flower on 4-25


Did you get the other plants squared away?

Very nice looking, love that amnesia