1sr Grow - Drying - Alternatives

Just harvested my first grow. Very happy so far.

I did the 48 hours of darkness followed by a bud wash. After a few hours hanging by a fan, it is now resting comfortably in my wedryer xl.

I live in southern US along the Atlantic Ocean. Our weather forecast at the is mid 70s with lows of around 60. I think that is good weather for drying?

The question is regarding humidity. I know optimal is around 60 rh. Our humidity is now around 44rh.

What problems should I expect with such a low rh? Anything I can do?

It will dry faster, thats all. Not everyone has the means to set up a perfect environment for a perfect dry and cure every time. It will be ok, i have dried and cured st all times of year and conditions dont have to be absolutely perfect for things to work out ok


My opinion is that the curing conditions are much more critical than the drying conditions to a point. Obviously you don’t want to dry at 100* + and 20 % humidity but if you can keep it as close to the ideal environment as possible, the better off you’ll be.

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Thats true but if conditions arent just right it doesnt mean it will be ruined.

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That wedryer will do fine in most conditions. Use all but the top shelf in dryer climate. The wedryer can fool you. They can feel and look ready and jump plus 70 in the jar. My solution to that is a paper sack for a day if still too high rh. The wedryer is great. Trust it. Hang it in a closet and relax.

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Don’t forget to rotate bud’s in the Wedryer XL or they will get flat on oneside


I dried my first indoor harvest in the tent. I suspect that the plants being in a smaller, enclosed space helped raise the RH in the tent. Idk about running a humidifier while drying, but you can use wet towels or the “poor man’s humidifier”. I did the latter when RH got a little low on the end. I filled a shaker cup with water, put a hand towel in it and pulled some of it out the hole in top of the cup. I put that in front of a fan and it added some moisture to the air. Don’t know how well that’ll work in a room vs a tent.

Your bud will dry faster in lower RH. Don’t overdry it. If the stems snap or you get a 10-12% reading on a moisture meter in four or five days go ahead and trim then cure it.

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You could buy a tent just for drying. I use the tent that this was grown in and have it hanging in the tent.