1New Patchwork at Night

First inside grow ever. First grow in 26 years.
Started 6-10-20 3:30pm
10 seeds unknown name.

As you can see, I’m Patching in a small area. I’m just 1 week into Patch. From all the reading I been doing on E-Books from here, and on forum here, things look good and in place and on target.

Germ Method: Seeds in-between 2 pieces 1 ply toilet paper, or paper towel, as long as it stays wet or moist. on a saucer, soak, with water only, every day in dark cool enclosure. My Results: 5 seeds sprouted in 2 days, 3 seeds sprouted in 3 days, 2 seeds still have not sprouted, and it’s been 8 days, I fear those 2 seeds to be dead.
Don’t forget to keep toilet paper wet, because it’s the moisture that causes the seed to germinate.

Be sure to have all the edges of the toilet paper, or paper towel on the saucer, or it will cause the water to drain from the saucer.

Have your soil ready to plant prior to Germination. My soil is a pre-fab food mix, lasts up to 4 months.

{{ Do not feed your ladies nutes, while in pre-fab food soil. Because all nutrition has been added already. See packaged soil bag for details on how long nutrition suppose to last. After that date, begin your ladies on a light diet of nutes, gradually increasing. }}

I let germination tail get a tad longer than my index finger nail. That’s to the tip of your finger, long finger nails don’t count.

Then I gently grabbed the seed in-between my thumb and index finger…gently pulling in reverse of tail, if it was stuck onto toilet paper. Poke hole in soil with other index finger, only go finger nail deep. Place germinated seed into hole, tail first, cover everything up, be sure not to cover seed with to much soil, or it might have to work to hard to break ground. You still have to water your newly planted germinated seed…2 squirts from water bottle will be plenty, to start with, because you don’t want to drown them.

This below is definitely not the light system you want setup for your plants. But it’s what I can afford. At least it is full spectrum led.

Was running lights first week 16 on and 8 off.

Shots of 5 days growth, below. I do have a box fan running in back, for air circulation.

My girls should have more growth by now. These shots below are of 1 week growth.
Now 6-17-20

Lights new hrs 12pm - 10am lights_22hrs

Reason: My lights are not strong enough. Can’t afford high dollar lights. I lowered my lights.

Yes, I know their growth pattern will change once they get final transplant into bigger pot. More root room, bigger better plants.

6-18-20 Received my final grow bags in mail today. Will be getting fresh, 9 months, nute treated soil on 19th. Will do final transplant on 19th. Here’s the 3 gal. grow bag and treated soil pic. below…

Hey, I have grown weed in regular dirt b4 and was successful. So if I can’t grow it in treated soil, then there is something wrong, right.

6-19-20 and I got the final transplant 3 gal grow bags potted.

My 8 girls are in their final transplanted 3 gal grow bags. And back in their room under their light.

6-20-20 I gave each of my girls 2 cups of water today. Exactly 20 oz. out of 20 oz. drink bottle. Will not water them again for 2 days. Also decided to leave lights on continuous, because still in seedling stage. Will leave lights on until 3 weeks old.


Nice start, I think we have crossed paths before. I think you were on my friend @zee " not journal " post.


6-22-20 Here is shots of my 8 plants, at 2 Weeks. Without Advanced Nutes. Just Pre-fab nutes in Soil already. I have concerns with last picture, it’s under-developed. Looks like it’s growing double node leaves at same time.

This one is a little younger than 2 Weeks.

This one I’m concerned about, looks like trying double node building same time.


Welcome ! looks like you’re off to a good start. I would just be a little nervous about the time released fertilize in your soil .I can see the little green pellets. It can cause problems later. just my thoughts good luck with your grow.

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@kellydans I Will keep my watchful Eye on it. Oh by the way I made this gif.

Eyeball Window frame


Ok still 23rd -Evening- The soil was dry enough for surface spraying. So I sprayed surface with first nute, deluded miracle-gro water. Then I misted the leaves with the same solution. 2 hrs later, I changed my mind about spraying the leaves… I went and flushed the leaves with spray water. Reason I flushed the leaves, is because nutes on leaves are 3 - 5 times stronger on the plant than nutes just being in the soil. Simply because the leaves is where the plant draws in moisture first, then the roots. And the leaves are more sensitive.

@Reitus Here is my journal, scroll to top and read down. You will see that you are better suited than me, I don’t have half the equipment you do to do a grow. I don’t even have a grow tent. But I’m going to make the best use of what I got. :+1::star_struck:

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Awesome @Draco1 ! Thanks for the invite. Im def going to watch. Did you have any trouble transplanting your little seedlings before completely developed roots? I had a real hard time doing mine from solo cups. It is a miracle i didnt damage the roots when the coco started to crumble and i basically just threw them into the premade hole. Scared me at the time but they seem to be doing alright now.

Have a good one!

And here’s my journal. Scroll to the top and read down and see what you think.

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Looking good off to a good start i was going to suggest lowering your light a little but i see you have that covered would have been extremely nervous transplanting so soon


@GrowWhatuKnow Nothing to be nervous about just take your time, even if the dirt falls off of yours, just be careful and don’t break the roots. Gently put it into the wet hole you made for it. What you didn’t lightly spray the transplant hole with water? You should, so the root will attach itself to the new soil, because of the water.

6-27-20 Watered my 2week olds with cup of water today. They look healthy, but slightly stretched cause my light’s not strong enough. I have added another light last week. And I have been giving them 24/0 light, will be doing this untill 3 weeks old.

We have a new addition to the family… and that makes 9 total.

Happy Grow & Heavy Yield.


6-29-20 Well I said at the start of this adventure, “Starting with 10 seeds”. Well folks, we now have 10 Plants… Surprise. The one that I lost, came up. So now we have 10 Plants. Yup, that means I got to, pot up 2 more 3 gal grow bags.


I’m in trouble, I already know that 10 Plants is going to overrun this small area. I might be able to do 5 in here at most. I will have to get rid of the dog in the other room, that’s not my dog anyway. Then I can use that room, it has 3 windows. But then, that’s not going to be enough light. Frack !! I got to many plants. lol. They will have to fight like natural, untill I get more lights. I wonder which room will do better, cramped room, with lights or wide open room, with 3 windows for lights. All 3 windows get sunlight. @dbrn32 @SKORPION

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Won’t be very successful doing this.

We are working on classified section. Just trying to limit amount of risk to members, come up with basic guidelines, and not create a bigger work load than we can currently handle.


*gasp! That looks like that devils lettuce! Heard that stuff makes people go crazy

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@Bulldognuts come on in to my journal. Just getting started really…

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I’m on call but I’ll take a virtual hit!

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