18 plants grow outdoor

Thinking of keeping these growing all together. Of course ill have to weed out the males.

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Healthy looking seedlings , Personally, I would separate them. So they’re not competing for the same space roots and foliage. Good luck.


Good luck as its going to cause them to get root bound, then die.

If i knew what strain they were id worry about it. Does growing plants that close change their genitic make up?

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No It will not change genetics.

No it won’t. They will compete for the water and nutrients. Survival if the Fittest will win if they don’t kill each other off. I know what root bound is like for a single monster plant. Its not good and is the reason why I will be using 15 gallon fabric bags.

You can keep them together, but they are going to need some room. The folks responding are correct. You’ll need a minimum of a 10x10 or 12x12 area outdoors to flower that many plants. They are going to overgrow and you’ll have problems in that pot. It might look like a wonderful pot of gold for a week, but they will show symptoms of overcrowding and be in poor health within 10-days to 2 weeks.

They look great right now.