18 plant ww grow second day in pots do they look ok?


That looks great. If all goes intended you are gonna be one busy grower! Good luck and do you have a journal? It can be IMMENSELY helpful

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They look a lil dry. But looking good. Make suree they dont dry out. Especially when u have them out in the sun for the day. Goodluck, you will be busy.

Here they are this morning!!

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They all look good.

Damn! That’s gonna be a lot of product. A ganja forest.

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Maybe a lil stretchy, can u get light closer ?

They are starting to look spindly Move plants closer to lights. I grow mine under florescent until ready for outside. When spindly just repot deeper. If u overdose small plants u can take them out and rinse the roots and don’t harm the plant. I let my plants get anout 2-2.5 ft then almost bend them at a right angle. Clothespins n strings tied to bucket (5g) then pull the plant down.Weed plant makes a drug called " Auxin “. This tells the top of the plant to grow.If u bend the plant at 90° the auxin is now leveled throughout the plant and now every side branch will grow like the main top and u will have massive buds like u have never seen. PS. I remove first 3 sets of branches and take off ALL SMALL BUDS OFF EVERY BRANCH.leaving only main buds and a few secondsary. Every bud on plant is 8-10” or better

they look ok but…they neeed closer to the light to.

I might be able to, the stretching they’re doing worries me.

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what type of light u use?

Right now just a grow lamp. I’m getting LEDs tomorrow


:+1: LED good choise