18 or 24 hour lights


I have germinated my first seeds today and in previous grows I did the 18 hour of light schedule in the vegetative state. This grow with the light on 24 hours straight the temperature At plant level is a perfect 78 degrees. (Different grow room conditions this season)

I am thinking I should keep the 24 hour schedule as I don’t have to mess with a heater during the dark hours if I do the 18 on 6 hour off schedule.

My thought in the past is that the plant gets to rest during the dark period and now it will not get to rest if I do the 24 hour routine.

Any thoughts on the 24 hour routine?



I personally use 18/6 but alot of growers use 24 during veg. As you said keeps the cold away


I would stick with 18/6 given the rest helps everything thrive when it sleeps as it grows but it is your choice :v:️.


I did 24/0 once for veg and didn’t see any upside. If I needed the heat,I’d put a small heater on a timer to come on when the lights go out.


Are you planning on changing to 12 hrs when in bloom. Would that cause some added stress changing from 24 hr. to 12 instead of 18 to 12.


Good question


Well, you guys have probably convinced me to go with my gut which was 18 - 6, now im trying to regulate the heater, THANKS


I use a 20/4 so they have the most light I can give them with giving them a little rest