18 days old very slow growth should i toss?

@JustNikki you grew a Siamese twin! Sorry, Conjoined twin! gotta be PC these days, :crazy_face:
Give her a chance to show you what she wants to do, lots of time to make her stretch. I like them short to begin with, they get a hardier stalk when they’re young. Stretch her now and she could topple. Just my opinion!

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It says it consumes 240 watts so it should be fine. But its going to raise the heat up. @dbrn32 is the best one to ask.

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I popped 8. 7 came up. 1 was a very slow grower looked identical to that one. Even has the twin sister looking top like she was topped but she wasn’t. She is now my most potent looking plant and almost as big as the rest even though she looked to be 3 weeks behind.


@Spudgunner did I really? What will the plant end up doing? What are the odds my first seed is a siamese twin…

@JustNikki Hopefully she (shes??) will do amazing things. She won’t do any harm, looks healthy.

For shit & giggles, when she gets tall enough, top one side and fim the other, see what she does!


Lol now that would be a fun experiment, my only concern is she’s an auto :frowning: this would have been so much better had it been a photo :frowning: i cant believe i didnt notice this, i kept looking at her like something was off and she felt compacted thats why i was wondering if i needed to stretch her or not.

@Hellraiser i saw youve grown a couple siamese twins, this is my first grow any suggestions to make it make ot fun and hopefully productive? Zkittles autos almost 4 weeks old…

If you’re stuck buying from lowes, i would probably look at getting two of the hlg-100’s. Not best lighting for 3x3 but appeared to be best lights I seen there.

Not stuck buying from lowes just had these giftcards for awhile so was hoping to be able to use them :slight_smile: im probably just going to end up buying the one everyone recommends then and continue to hold onto the giftcards…

@dbrn32 Did you see the pic of my siamese twins? What are the odds on my first grow? :thinking: i need to upgrade my lights for my twins, I currently have the mars hydro with 150 true watts… i think thats finenfor 1 plant but guessing i need more wattage for siamese twins?


@DEEPDIVERDAVE successfully removed helmet :raised_hands:


Awesome! proud Parent your are. And TWINS That is really cool.
Siamese Twins? what are the odds?


I have 3 of those hydro crunch lights in storage. The leds draw 200 watts and the fan draws 40. I took one apart a couple of years ago before I bought real good lights from rapid led. I was lookin to upgrade its drivers, but it really wasn’t worth it. They will grow weed just fine @JustNikki


@dbrn32 @OldSkunk

Just want to confirm this is the correct light?

Should i get 1 or 2 for my 3x3? Or is it better to get this one and only one?

Thank you for all your help!

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Those are a little big for 3x3. It just barely fits and will probably rub on sides of tent causing to tear prematurely. I would go with 300L in rspec or kit pictured below


@DEEPDIVERDAVE @MrPeat @Borderryan22

My siamese appears to only be producing leaves of 3, anything to be concerned about? Have yall ever experienced this before?


I have seen from just 2 leaves to 15. Personally in my grow. Its just genetics and should be nothing to worry about. As she matures, her leaf structure will develop. :+1:


Thank you @MrPeat appreciate all your knowledge and willingness to help! This plant is stressing me out lol… it looks healthy but is growing slow still! Next week is week 5 and im hoping it doesnt start to flower since its an auto lol! My newest seedling (gold leaf photo) is off to agreat start and is just a few days old… she will probably be bigger than her siamese sisters by next week!


Put a dome over it and she will kick off. The seedling is trying to lay roots so the water is uptake through the leaves. Go till the leaves touch. The dome is a game
changer. I always do it now.

The small one was over 30 days old. She has caught up big time. I never ever pull slow growers as they tend to surprise you in the end.

This is an older updated photo of the small girl.


I have a dome on the seedling, should i put a dome over the siamese still? I removed the dome a little over a week ago cause it didnt fit anymore… should i add a bigger one back?

If the leaves don’t touch, I would. I started to have stems lean over and I seen how much bragging the domes get. I don’t have stems leaning over with a dome.

Just have to spray the inside a couple times a day is all.

How big is it? Photo so I know which one.