18 days old very slow growth should i toss?

@Spudgunner wow 99% thats super high? Do you worry about hummidity when they flower? The domes have a ton of water dripping down them right now but im assuming thats a good thing? These poor girls have had a rough start but im hoping they pull through and i think they will :pray: i love our nothern neighbors :heart:

@MrPeat i was a 14t which was patriot missles (the only combat arms a female could do back then)… theyve changed all their mos’s after I got out…


Daily, I wipe off excess humdity from dome (seedling mat) or solo/dixie cup with dome, until its gone and the roots are showing. I over water, always.

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Hey @JustNikki , we’re talking seedlings! Once they got 3rd set of leaves, I water around the stem like everyone else. The humidity drops to about 80%. I also take them outside if it’s warm for some hardening, or if these will be tent-dwellers, they get transplanted and put in the tent at about 60% RH. Like @MrPeat, I don’t chase humidity other than turning the fan speed up or down!
Once they are in the tent, it’s between 60 and 70 until harvest, mostly dependent on the outside weather. I will only turn on a little personal heater in December if the temps go into the 40’s! That’s it for my environmental controls, lol!
Mind you, Vancouver weather is VERY weed-friendly for indoors…too much rain for people, but we don’t have to shovel it!


Already looking better in dirt and with domes yay!


I was literally 1 day from pulling the plug on this seedling and let it try a little more. It looked slightly better 2 days later and just kept babying it for another week.

This is what it looks like today…


Woo hoo love it! Mine turned 3 weeks old yesterday :see_no_evil: is yours an auto or photo?

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That one is a GSC auto

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Im so excited! I might actually end up with a full size plant :raised_hands:

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Looks like your secerets out. Gatorade huh?

Not a true beginner, Mary found me back in the Sixties.
70/30 Fox Farm Ocean & worm castings. Water straight from Lake Erie.
I started my first ‘modern’ grow last month in straight FFO
6.5 weeks since Mary left her crib.

Lost in the Sixties.


I have a $400 giftcard from lowes does anyone happen to know if this would be a good light for my 3x3? Its 240 actual wattage.


Heres the most Recent picture of my surviving girl thats 25 days today and shes a zkittles auto and my newest seedling gold leaf photo. :raised_hands: i feel like the gold leaf photo is advancing a lot faster i put her in water monday she cracked on tuesday and moved her to dirt on Wednesday… and shes already sprouting :slight_smile: My gdp did not germinate, it grew a tiny tail that eventually fell off and rotted in the dirt.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE @Spudgunner @MrPeat @Storm @Borderryan22 do yall think i need to move the light up to stretch her some? Are the leaves growing in to close together?

On the specs page it claims to cover a 3x3

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Middle picture "Helmet Head seedling? if so, lightly mist "hood’ (shell covering).

@DEEPDIVERDAVE yes it just popped today should i give it a day or 2 before i intervine? The tap root doesn’t seem to established yet (the seedling shifts around in the dirt when i touch it).

Give it “foundation” assistance. Position and increase soil for base building. Helmet head usually resolves with minor intervention (moisture, growth or tweezers). warm soil and moisture then light needed by seedling, low light until leaves (not cotyledons). I run a veg tent and new inductees are down low, behind or in the shade positions.

Just to make sure i understand i should put warm wet dirt on top of the seedling so it has to push through more dirt and will hopefully drop its helmet? Or around it to support the roots?

Never, I would say bury seedling. I thought you said the seedling wobbles or moves.
It probably will do well if the helmet pops off. May be resting or getting ready for more growth. Soil ?
Soil compressed away from seedling giving her a mound may have been a better way to say about foundation building.

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Ok thank you i will try that very gently im nervous :sweat: