18 days old very slow growth should i toss?

Im a new grower and messed up on a lot of things with my first grow… fed as a seedling and moved outside in the heat 95+ degrees thinking it was my indoor lights causing the problems. When i compare my 2 plants with other pictures im very behind especially since they’re Autos… should i toss these and start over or is there still a chance they might produce even a small amount? I moved them back into the tent today… should i add back nutes now? They’ve been on ph balanced water only for the last week and are growing in coco.

Thank you for any advice!


Put a dome on her. She still has a chance. I do not know coco but i can save seedlings. Patience. Treat her gently and let het recover. Coco growers will chime in on nutes


No…I would not toss. What I would do is get better soil and transplant. Do not use Miracle. Coco you have to do all kinds of things which to me, it’s not for a beginner IMHO. :+1::+1::+1:
Here is why I say do not toss.

These plants are identical treatment. Broke surface at the same time. Same water. Same light. Same strain. You get get the idea.


What medium do you have it in? How much are you watering.

Its Coco.


Agree with @MrPeat :point_up::blush::v:


@MrPeat thank you! Even if there is a small chance ot might produce something i think theyre worth saving since i can continue to learn during the process… i am germenating another auto seed for foff soil and a photo seed with regular soil too… i wont make the same mistakes with the new ones and i do think the coco allowed me to make more mistakes as a noob :frowning: thankful for this community and all the knowledge that is shared here :heart:

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@Storm Do you think a dome will help the tent stays around 50% hummidty (im in SE Louisiana)…

@JustNikki You’re welcome. We all want you to have a successful haul. One I was going to toss and my sister said,”You got this.” Well the dang thing grew to 7 feet tall.

Also utilize a clear dome. For Coco,
You may need need to spray more than 2 times a day. This is why I will only be a Soil Grower. Coco is a lot harder than soil for beginners. Coco would not be a challenge to me.

Autos also is not for beginners. They are on a strict timeline and this means if a problem arises, you don’t have the luxury to fix it when compared to Photos.

I am also unique anomaly. I break every rule for
growing. I do not do the following:

pH, ppm, runoff, and flushing.

I also leave my tent door wide open. Grow 12/12 from start to finish. I also don’t Veg. Basically all I do is give nutrients and plain tap water filter through a PUR water filter.

And this is what I do. I will use a Auto, Indica and Sativa. The latter two is Photoperiod plants.

The above photos is Purps #1 by Dinefed.

The above photo is an Auto.

The above photo is of Sativa dominants. Mind you I can reach about 7’4” tall and the plant I am holding is cut in half and partially hidden due to I did not want it touching the floor.


@MrPeat thoughts on transplanting to 5 gallon pot with ffof? Do you think theyre still to small? I didnt out them in a clear solo cup so cant check roots :frowning:

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Yes. Protect her. Grow roots. Less stress. A forever pot ok. Auto right? Timer running.


@JustNikki You can. You will want a buffer between the plant and the FFOF soil. Lets get her to feeling better. So the dome and she will snap out of it. I am going to tag a couple growers so you get their input. Coco is just another beast than soil.

Its not to small but we dealing with Coco. If my memory serves me you need pH water of
5.8 and feed every day. If I am wrong, the growers I tagged will definitely know.

They will know who the Cooo growers are.


I have to jet out to look at a motorcycle for a friend. I will be back in a few hours.


Starting in coco, if expandable, unbuffered bricks, mix a gallon of your nutrient solution, and use it to expand the coco. Make sure it’s ph’ed between 5.8-6.0. Squeeze it out by hand until it isn’t juicy. When your seed is ready, put it in the coco.

At sprout, spritz a clear solo cup with distilled water and put it over the little baby. The plant is sucking it’s moisture from the top to feed the bottom to establish the root system. Just spritz the cup and leave it for a week to two weeks. Or until the leaves touch the sides.

At this point, start feeding, not watering but feeding, about 5ml a couple inches from the main stem and a few drops at the main stem. I like to take a dropper and put a few drops at the drain hole so the roots reach. Again, pH to the preferred coco range. You may not have to feed her every day, you may have to.

Then, it just depends on how fast she is soaking it up. You’ll want to feed until runoff every day, sometimes every other.

I can’t preach enough about ph’ing your feed between 5.8 and 6.0. Unbuffered coco is treated as hydro. Basically a soft surface for your roots to collect nutrients and be able to move.

Most growers have great success using coco and Jack’s Nutrient 321 system. It is the same feed from seed to harvest and is very gentle, but produces quality bud. It is also easy to adjust should the plants have different nutrient preferences.

Now, if your coco is loaded already, read up on it, and see what pH it is prebuffered to. That is what you will want to stick with. In most cases, mediums with preloaded amendments, don’t need feeding for a couple/few weeks. Check your runoff levels, should this be the case, and when your ppm’s are under 1,000, feed.

An easy way to see if your coco is brebuffered is to do a slurry text. Get a cup full of coco, a flood it with distilled water. Shake it around, let it settle, and collect some of the water from the top, then test the ppm’s.

IF I AM WRONG ON ANYTHING CORRECT ME, PLEASE. I stopped coco, because it requires too much attention and I just don’t have the time at the moment. It is a great medium and plant development is much quicker and more vigorous.

I hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Thank you! I will purchase some jacks and hopefully get these girls growing again! I did just dome them again as per everyones suggestions so i hope that helps!


You can get 6lb kits on eBay for like $26. I have the 2.2ln bags from Amazon that last me 4 plants in coco and 6 in soil. I’m just now almost completely out. Maybe enough for 2 more 5 gallon batches. I got the eBay kit (they’re in Ziploc bags, but legit) on standby.


Not to my knowledge.
I cant thank you enough for your thorough and helpful contributions to this forum.
I am trying to learn, thru reading (who knew it would be so helpful), pictures really helpful. I will look forward to other postings. Enjoy your day.


Planted in ffof yesterday and it doesnt look like they were shocked at all and show some new growth this morning! Praying they make a comeback and start growing! Thank you everyonenfor help!

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@MrPeat thank you for all your help, should i be concerned if humity reaches 68 in my tent AND i have a dome on each of my girls? :grimacing: just added my ventalation pump to push air out and i ordered the 6 inch fans that were recommended on this forum in route :grin:

Also i just ordered the ilgm photo berry 3 pack to hopefuly go along with my photo gold leaf i have germinating… going to switch to photos per your recommendation :raised_hands:

How did bike shoping go yesterday?

Just read your bio on here thank you for your service! Im a disabled veteran as well #Army #98-01

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@JustNikki I have never worried about the RH% as it would be a losing battle with how cheap the house was made. My walls have the old wood paneling board and no dry wall behind it.

The motorcycle was awesome. Never been dropped either. I let my buddy know but he weighs maybe 140 lbs and the bike weighs between 895 lbs to 928 lbs.

Army Recon…Sept 1996 to Nov 2004. I got out 2 days before Veterans Day which was a awesome gift. Thank you right back. We have plenty of Vets here.


@JustNikki When I started my seedlings under a dome, the humidity meter said 99%. I thot it was broken so removed it and put it in the living room. It sits at about 52% now, which is right! There were beads of water on the sides of the dome, damn meter was right!
And my girls loved it! The March girls and the May Moon Baby girls are all thriving. For the first couple of weeks, they only got sprayed water, not watered thru the soil (altho it was moist when I started. Wet ProMix, squeezed mostly dry. Plant and spray). After a couple of weeks, then water. I did open up the vents and shake the water off the walls around then, lower the humidity a bit. But I never sweat high RH (no pun intended).
I’m not a Vet, but hats off to all of you who are! Thank you for protecting your freedoms and those of your Northern neighbours!